2011: The Year of God’s Mighty Favors Toward Sierra Leone.

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By the Rev. Kemoh Sulimani  jr

Main Text Luke 4:16-30

Key Verses 18-19       “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor.  He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

Jesus began his ministry with these words from the Prophet Isaiah. In some sense, it was like Jesus giving an inaugural speech on what his reign over God’s Kingdom on earth would be like. Jesus asserts that Kingdom’s work is about sharing the good news about the liberating powers of God. The next step in Jesus’ mission was to declare an earlier heavenly version of the “Emancipation Proclamation.” Jesus read out aloud that God’s activities amongst the people, comes with the restoration of sight. With the presence of the Omnipotent Spirit of God, those who suffer from repression, are liberated.  This text speaks to us about midway into January 2011. As Jesus proclaimed to the gathering that day, God is eager to let you know that this is “the year of the Lord’s favor.” Jesus was to attest to the divine truth that the people of God should enjoy special favors from the God of the people. Jesus declared a year of Jubilee for God’s People. On behalf of the Sierra Leonean people, God proclaims 2011 as the year of Jubilee for the nation.

So if you wondering about a word from God for Sierra Leone in 2011, here is the word. God says, “2011 shall be the year of FAVORS to the people of Sierra Leone.”  God’s attention is on Sierra Leone and there are several items already earmarked for delivery to the people of Sierra Leone. There is peace in Sierra Leone. Peace will continue to prevail in Sierra Leone. 2011 will bring more tranquility for the nation.  Sierra Leone is experiencing a period of high political tolerance and fairness like never before seen in the nation’s past. There are indications everywhere that something good is happening in Sierra Leone. Despite the daily hardship, the blessings of God are still flowing freely. God’s blessings will continue to freely flow to the people of Sierra Leone. Throughout 2011, God plans to do constructive things for the people of Sierra Leone. 2011 is the year of Sierra Leone’s Golden Jubilee.

2011 is the year of God’s mighty acts toward Sierra Leone. During this year, the land will experience renewal. Currently, Sierra Leone is only using a small fraction of her land volume. A huge percentage of the land is uncultivated. Sowing additional seeds on the extra land would provide supplementary food for Sierra Leoneans. Sierra Leone’s soil has the answer to hunger in the nation.  Jubilee for Sierra Leone means the proper utilization of the land to provide surplus sustenance for her inhabitance.  In 2011, as the land rejuvenates, the rehabilitation work shall also expand. Lands once damaged, shall receive long overdue attention and overhaul.    In 2011, Sierra Leone will grow more food to ease food tensions.  As part of God’s Jubilee for Sierra Leone, new properties will exchange hands, and ownership disputes over existing properties shall be resolved.

In 2011, more Sierra Leoneans will take seriously President Koroma’s “Agenda for Change.”   After let downs by previous leaders, all eyes have been on President Koroma. Politicians, only for a big letdown, have raised the hopes of Sierra Leoneans up several times in the past. Therefore, people are doubtful about what politicians say.  Is President Ernest Bai Koroma just pulling the legs of Sierra Leoneans or is he truly serious about CHANGE in Sierra Leone?  After seeing consistency and integrity coming from the President, thousands of Sierra Leoneans are now ready to join the ongoing process of CHANGE in Sierra Leone.

More Sierra Leoneans will embrace the President’s Agenda for Change across party, regional, districts and tribal lines. President Koroma has proven in many ways that he is steadfast, focus, and determined to carry out the mandates in his “Agenda for Change.” President Koroma has established his makeover plans for Sierra Leone.  Sierra Leoneans, once skeptical about the President’s direction for the nation, will now support the most pragmatic plan to invigorate Sierra Leone. Thousands of Sierra Leoneans will grab hold of the President’s vision. In 2011, the drive to improve the socio-economic standards of Sierra Leoneans will gain substantial momentum.

On April 27, 2011, the nation will celebrate 50 years of Independence. In this year of Jubilee, God’s provisions for the nation far exceed anything you and I could imagine.  50 years of national history, is impossible to squeeze into one or two paragraphs. In 50 years, Sierra Leone’s history has many bright spots as well as dark ones. Many tears have fallen for loved ones as well as for unknown individuals. God is heedful of the heavy weight from the civil war that this generation carries. God is also attentive to the wide-ranging nuisances of the masses. God is fully aware of what is going on in Sierra Leone. God is also aware of the struggles and challenges that Sierra Leoneans everywhere live through daily.  Please do not think that God has forgotten about Sierra Leone and about you. Sierra Leoneans would receive a powerful manifestation of the Omnipresence of God. God is present to make sure that for a change the nation’s future and our lives are on the up and up.

Sierra Leone will experience significant breakthroughs at the most appropriate times throughout 2011. God’s Jubilee includes you.   God will find a way to reach out to you this 2011. God’s blessings are huge for Sierra Leoneans everywhere and anywhere.  Even when the equations do not make sense and the numbers are not adding up, God says, “Be patient I am working things out right now just for you.”  Sierra Leone has lived through years of long-suffering to deserve a fresh break from heaven. God is ceaselessly at work changing Sierra Leone’s tomorrow.   Sierra Leone’s future looks promising, as God continues to bless Sierra Leoneans. God is also ready to display that Sierra Leoneans are “Highly Favored” in the affairs of heaven and earth. God favors Sierra Leone.  Sierra Leone needs restorative grace, and Sierra Leoneans need refining mercies. As Sierra Leone celebrates her 50 years of Independence, God has planned a “Reversal of fortunes” for Sierra Leoneans in 2011. Throughout 2011, God shall ‘turnaround’ activities and events to favor you.

Blessings & Peace

Rev. Kemoh Sulimani  jr.

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