709.41 Carat Diamond Under Lock and Key- Presidential Spokesman Debunks Missing Diamond rumour


Presidential Spokesman has debunked rumours of missing diamond, making it clear that the 709. 41 Carat diamond is under lock and key at the vaults of the Bank of Sierra Leone.

Abdulai Bayraytay said journalists from both the print and electronic media were adequately provided with updates on the status of the diamond during the National Minerals Agency (NMA) budget hearing held on Friday August 25, 2017 at the Miatta Conference centre in Freetown.


He affirmed that the diamond is on the government safe while Pastor Momoh, the founder of the 709.41 carat diamond and the NMA continue to work on modalities to sell the said diamond in Belgium.

“The Government remains unwavering in ensuring that the diamond is sold in the most transparent way hence the involvement of the Belgium Diamond Council as part of the requirements of our membership in Kimberly Process,” he added, adding that, anyone wishing to view the said diamond should please contact the Director-General of the NMA, Mr. Sahr Wonday, on 076601299 to make arrangements to the effect.

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