Pay Day Justice

By Ahmed Ojullah Bangura : 

Martin Luther King once said “There comes a time when silence is a betrayal”. Apparently, after two decades of silence on account of a despicable inhuman action, justice for the ‘lost generation’ of 29 political victims has commenced in Sierra Leoneon the 16th November, 2012. The patriotic people ofSierra Leone presided over the matter which the executives of past and present ‘democratic’ gurus have deliberately ignored. The verdict was passed and the accused was sentenced to 5 years in political wander pending his unpatriotic appeal that will send him to life political wilderness.

In one of my previous articles titled “PAY DAY DEMOCRACY” I informed the audience that SLPP made a political pay back to their presidential candidate for ‘good’ work done between the 29th April, 1992 and 1996. But it was a political miscalculation by the party I cast my vote for in 1996 and 2002 not as a member of the party but as a patriotic Sierra Leonean. Two decades later, unlike the SLPP who paid Maada Bio for his role in executing, mutilating, and probably the extinction of the victims’ bodies I have referred to as the ‘April 29, ‘29’ victims, the patriotic citizens of Sierra Leone have made their first retributive justice by paying back a ‘political cheque’ to Maada Bio for his inhuman role in the despicable execution of beloved mothers and fathers, sons, brothers, sisters and service men in a manner which his mouth is ashamed to confess.


Now, Maada Bio defeated than ever is using a ‘pendulum of fear’ to intimidate the atmosphere of peace amid rich discoveries of mineral resources, investment, infrastructure and economic transition. Maada and the core of the SLPP that elected or selected him are presumed to be living in the ‘Old school’ ideology of violence, intimidation and extermination. They have strong belief that can only be mitigated by retributive justice across the boarders ofSierra Leone. It is a ‘political algebra’ for Bio and his ‘under-educated’ solicitors and executive members to imagine that they can apply the ‘Foday Sankoh strategy’ of holding people in fear and intimidation. This group of ‘Old school theorists’ should also know that only fools can not change even when evidence of truth that works against their belief is presented. This may be as a result of extremely uncomfortable cognitive dissonance between their old ideologies and new realities.


But there is always a word for the ‘wise fool’ who may choose not to follow the path of destruction. Lenin once said that “despair is typical of those who do not understand the causes of evil, see no way out, and are incapable of struggle”. I hope Bio and his ‘Old school’ boys can reason and accept the ‘check of justice’ for another 5 years as a freeman in spite of the April 29, ‘29’ political catastrophe  before it takes him to an unimaginable destination. Bio, be wise to know that pay comes after work done. When you were a ‘military boy’ you received pay for ‘service’ to the country; when you have become a ‘politician’ you have received pay for work done in executing peoples sons and daughters. You chose to work for this political day of justice. You have no one to blame, Maada Bio. I would suggest you confess and renew your mind or else doom awaits you. The time has come for the weed to be separated from the wheat.

Long Live peaceful and patriotic Sierra Leoneans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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