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Acting on intelligence, the ACC’s Scorpion Squad raided a school in Wellington at 9am this morning and arrested a Principal, teacher and pupils who were using this staff room to feed students answers to WASSCE Mathematics Private Exam at their center for Le 1Million per student.

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At 9:30 this morning, September 7th, 2019, the Scorpion Squad of the Anti Corruption Commission supported by Sierra Leone Police raided Fatibu Technical Secondary School at Peacock Farm, Wellington where General Mathematics in Private WASSCE was been conducted in a private room and answers fed to students.

The ACC received Intelligence that the Principal of the School and teachers were collecting Le1,000,000.00 (One Million Leones) from willing pupils to facilitate them to be spoonfed answers while exam was ongoing. Those who complied and paid were taken to the Staff room where they would then have answers replicated by teachers and transcribed. Those scripts would be collected and compiled with those of the other students in the normal exam room. The Principal coordinated and kept men at strategic locations to avoid any one approaching to thwart their cheating scheme which apparently has been going on for years.

The ACC Scorpion Squad struck with precision arresting all the pupils and the teachers responsible, including the Principal of the School. One female pupil collapsed, and has been taken to the hospital. Others who broke the ceiling of the staff room so as to escape, were similarly rounded up and detained but some escaped.

They had a tray with already solved answers, a photocopier and a transcription system for easy redistribution of answers completed by teachers.

All will be detained at CID forthwith pending further investigations.

It could be recalled that similar raid was carried out at a private residence in Aberdeen in December 2018 by the ACC arresting 71 persons.

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