Advice to president Maada Bio and his SLPP Government over bad governance



Advice to president Maada Bio and his SLPP Government over the bad governance and the spate of the violence, killings, brutalities, and human rights violations in Sierra Leone.”

Monday, September 17th. 2018.

By Abraham Lincoln: The Father of Democracy and The Voice of the Voiceless.

As Sierra Leone continues to lie as a death zone and human rights violations’ country under the SLPP Government to many innocent Sierra Leoneans especially people living in the North and Western Areas, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara (JFK) ”Calls for Coroner’s Inquest into the deaths and brutalities perpetrated by the SLPP Government and the Sierra Leone Police Force including some military personnel at MILE 91 in the Tonkolili District and other parts of the country.”
The former learned and eloquent Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Hon. JFK has called on President Maada Bio to institute a “Coroner’s Inquest” into the deaths of many innocent civilians in Sierra Leone including the most recent one at Masengbeh and Mathibo Villages in Mile 91, following a purported Police raid in those areas since April 2018 when he was controversially made as a president.

Speaking to the Network for Social Justice, JFK states that “we cannot be silent any longer hoping for reason and sanity to prevail in the management of the security forces and the lives of our poor people in Sierra Leone.”😭😭😭

On the recent spate of killings, JFK expressed worry on the increasing trend of physical and political violence that heaped on innocent citizens, and the gross violations of the constitutional rights of the country, illegal sackings of meaningful Sierra Leoneans, raping of women in Kailahun, Kenema, Bo, Kono, and the three times attacking the Freetown City Council, Mayor, Her Worship Aki-Sawyer which he stated have becoming a severe cause for concern in the past few months since President Maada Bio controversially handpicked by the NEC/N’Pha Alie Conteh and the Commonwealth of Nations/British High Commissioner, Garry Warrington. It is time to reign in perpetrators and brings them to justice he posited.

“A Coroner’s Inquest will signal attention, willingness and ability from the president to take on the unfolding menace” JFK buttressed.
Another instance, the Consortium for Democracy, Human Rights, and Good Governance in Sierra Leone (a group of Civil Society Activists in Sierra Leone), has also raised a lot of concerns over the brutalities and the gross violations of Human Rights in Sierra Leone by the SLPP Government. They have given a 21 days ultimatum to the SLPP Government and the Sierra Leone Police Force to investigates the spate of brutalities and vandalism that occurred in Mile 91 which leads to the killing of a 29 years old man, late Abdul Kamara, alleged raping of young girls, looting innocent civilians’ monies and valuable properties, seizing unemployed youths’ motorcycles (okadas) by the Sierra Leone Police force and some military personnel that executes the operation. The Consortium maintains that if the government and the Sierra Leone police force fail to hold and bring the culprits to justice, they will stage a nationwide protest against the illegal and human rights violations that are going on across the country.

Furthermore, the British Labour Party’s Member of Parliament (MP) for Southwark in London, Hon. Neil Coyle, including the British Government’s Minister for Africa, Hon. Harriet Baldwin has also raised a lot of concerns about the gross human rights violations and the unconstitutional ruling in the country. They state that President Maada Bio and his SLPP Government should follow the due process and respect the human rights of all Sierra Leoneans especially those supporting other political parties like the main opposition (APC party supporters) in the country. They also advise that President Bio should maintain a government of inclusion like what the previous Government did and as promised. Sierra Leoneans and the world over are patiently waiting and watching what is going on in the country especially the lousy governance president Maada Bio has instituted. I rest my case.
God bless Mama Salone, and God bless us all🙏🙏🙏

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