AIG Daboh calls on Parliamentarians to Defuse Tension in their Constituencies

By Hassan Bruz
Northern Bureau Chief

The Assistant Inspector General of Police in charge of the North/ Western Region- F U K Daboh said Members of Parliament must ensure that there is peace and tranquillity in their respective Constituencies. He said the preservation of Law and Order is his core responsibility in the Region and would not hesitate to reprimand anyone that tends to behave on the contrary.

The Assistant Inspector General whose Region comprised Kambia and Port Loko Districts, noted that certain parts of his area of superintendence seems to be prominent in terms of petty palavers which have the potential to defame his good works, if not nabbed in the bud. Mr. F U K Daboh made a special reference to the most recent incident at Gbainty Wallah in the Lokomasama Chiefdom, where the Member of Parliament – Hon. Komboh Kamara allegedly had a confrontation with one Prince Kamara. He viewed that as very much disappointing. He said even though People have the right to enjoy themselves yet it has to be done in accordance with the provisions of the Law.



The Assistant Inspector General was addressing the Members of Parliament for Constituencies 54, 55 and 56 at his Regional Office in Port Loko on Thursday 29th. December 2016. He had actually invited the Parties involved in the Gbainty Wallah fracas including the Local Unit Commander at the Lungi Divisional Police Divison-Chief Superintendent J .A Gbonnoh. The purpose was for him to know what actually transpired.Although Mr. Prince Kamara could not avail his presence, AIG Daboh went on to do his findings in the presence of a cross section of his Staff including the OSD Regional Coordinator- Chief Superintendent Kaetu Gbison.

It was the Local Unit Commander at the Lungi Police Station who gave an overview of the story. He recalled 25th. December 2016 when the Officer Commanding the Lokomasama Police Station – ASP Kai Amadu called to inform him that there was a problem at Gbainty Wallah involving the Member of Parliament – Hon. Komboh Kamara and one Prince Kamara. He said several distress calls were made including the Member of Parliament requesting that he visits the Scene himself. He arrived late that evening and succeeded in inviting both Parties to Lungi in an attempt to resolve the matter. Unfortunately, LUC Gbonnoh said, a fight ensued at his residence between John Kamara who happens to be the driver of Hon. Komboh Kamara, and Prince Kamara. It would appear this was a continuation of the fight which started at Gbainty Wallah. A house was damaged while both men sustained injuries in the two separate encounters.



According to Hon. Komboh Kamara, he is not only a law abiding person, but also a friend of the Police as the Institution that enforces the Law. He said that was the more reason he called for Police protection when his life seemed threatened at Gbainty Wallah on the day in question. The Member of Parliament referred to Prince Kamara as someone who was brought in by Ibrahim Gasama to undo him as a parliamentarian. He said even though he does not know him in person nor had any direct confrontation with him, Prince and Gasama have been parading the length and breadth of his Constituency with banners that Hon. Komboh and Hon. Binneh Bangura must go. On the day in question, Hon. Komboh said, he went to Gbainty Wallah late in the evening upon the invitation of his Constituents. He explained how it has been a tradition for the People of Lokomasama Chiefdom to celebrate with him during such festive seasons adding that he funds over 70 percent of all the traditional and cultural dances in that Chiefdom.

The Member of Parliament said he advised the dancers to divert to his mother’s residence for a recess where he was informed about the plan of the followers of Prince Kamara to attack him. ‘It was in a bid to prevent any form of confrontation that I offered 5 million Leones to the Dancers in order to persuade them not to go down the Wharf area where Prince and his thugs were waiting to attack me. I was at the back of the house eating when told that Prince was fighting with my driver outside’ –Hon. Komboh told the AIG. He said they arrived in Lungi at about 4 am for the peace talks purported by LUC Gbonnoh. ‘We met some people at the veranda of the residence of the LUC. The place was dark and I wanted to know who Prince Kamara is. So I asked who Prince Kamara is, as I have not met with him in person. He advanced towards me in a furious manner as if he was going to attack me. My driver stopped him and a fight ensued in which they both sustained injuries’ -the Member of Parliament concluded his explanations.

Hon. Nicholas Kamara is the Member of Parliament for Constituency 056 in the Kaffu Bullom Chiefdom. He expressed dissatisfaction over the attitude of the Police who seem to be allowing Aspirants to go about campaigning when no declaration for that has yet been made. He cited a number of instances when he had cause to make reports to the LUC, and how no action has been taken to the effect. He therefore asked the AIG to ensure that his Commanders take proper care of the situation.

In his remarks, the Member of Parliament for Constituency 055- Hon. Binneh Bangura described the issue as very much unfortunate. He said the desperation of Aspirants went to a top gear after the Constituency Delimitation. He said a lot of Aspirants have come up and are campaigning with impunity – saying all sorts of bad things against the current Members of Parliament. He said the AIG should step up to ensure law and order, noting that Aspirants are too desperate to go to Parliament.
These are pictures obtained during the meeting of AIG Daboh and the Members of Parliaments of Constituencies 054, 055 and 056 to help readers visualise the situation While investigations continues in the counter report matter between Prince Kamara and the driver of Hon. Komboh Kamara ……

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