(By Mohammed Legally-Cole : Cocorioko reporter in the Gambia )

Monday January 30, 2006


The Libyan President Muamar Al-Ghadafi has announced the birth of a new project called ?Ghadafi Plan for the African Youth, Women and Children’. This unique Multi Million Dollar project is geared towards the improvement of the quality of life of the youth, women and children on the African Continent.


Unveiling the details of the new project to the press in a conference at the Atlantic Corinthian Hotel in Banjul, The Gambia, the Libyan Ambassador to The Gambia, Muhammad Ammar said that the initiative is an eruption of a new African plan being initiated by Col. Ghadafi which id geared towards promoting socio-economic development and growth in Africa.


Ambassador Ammar expressed the need for Africans to participate actively in the realization of the noble dream of President Ghadafi for a new Africa. “I want you to give this project its dimensions and its social implications, the importance and efforts it deserves”, Ambassador Ammar said.


While emphasizing the significance of the project, Ambassador Ammar expressed that the efforts of cooperation and support of the International Organizations and concerned parties, he said, would be utilized in the realization of the President Ghadafi’s dream for a new Africa.


The Libyan Ambassador further stated that Al-Ghadafi’s new plans would channel support to areas such as Education, Health and Culture through the establishment of Skilled Training Centers, Health Facilities, Branch Associations, Voluntary fund etc.


He said the project, which will kick off this 2006, would have structure in all parts of Africa. The Libyan envoy also said soon a team of Constructor, Propagandists, Awareness Campaigners and Explorators would soon take off the project. In essence, he said, the new initiative forms part of President Ghadafi’s dream of a United Africa. 

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