Alie Kabba is not fit to be a presidential candidate


By Momodu Jalloh

Alie Kabba assumed the position of co-ordinator of the RUF and he caused the divergence of paths and purpose of the RUF because of his corruption. The trainees in Libya accused him of “sitting on millions of dollars” and benefiting from their recruitment for training. Alie Kabba was the key ideological driving force of the RUF. He decided to opt out after stealing millions of dollars. Into resultant leadership vacuum, Foday Sankoh and a handful of cohorts led an insurgency alongside Charles Taylor’s NPFL an insurgency which reduces Sierra Leone to rabble. Should we accept someone like Alie Kabba?



Alie Kabba willfully and knowingly contracted a second marriage (or going through the form of a second marriage) while his first marriage, to his knowledge, is still subsisting and undissolved [BIGAMY]. He also falsely swear, and violated oath or a vow, which he violated by voluntarily swearing to false facts, or to what is untrue [PERJURY]. Should we accept someone like Alie Kabba?

I know Alie Kabba far too well for his own comfort! He was made the first democratic President of once “CHICAGOLAND ASSOCIATION OF SIERRA LEONEANS”, and behind the backs of his colleagues he converted the group into his personal property by changing it into a “Service” community project of his, fired every Sierra Leoneans, hired a single uneducated Liberian girl, [WOMAN LAPPA] and changed the name to UAO.. There is no Sierra Leonean left in the group that was created by Sierra Leoneans. Should we accept someone like Alie Kabba?

Personally, I have my doubts, and what I told some of his supporters that they did not believe are coming to pass now. Some even called me to thank me after finding out themselves and eventually quitting him! Just be warned, Alie Kabba is as sly as the fox.

‪#‎Momodu‬ Jalloh

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