Ambassador Touray and Japanese Minister discuss PBC and Security Council issues


 The Minister responsible for Political Affairs in the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations, Mr. Kaz Aikawa,  paid a courtesy call on Sierra Leone’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, H.E. Ambassador Shekou Touray , at the Sierra Leone Mission , East 49th Street, New York on Wednesday. Ambassador Touray and Mr. Aikawa, who is  also responsible for the Peacebuilding Commission , Security Council Reform and legal issues,  discussed significant issues underpinning the PBC and the reform of the United Nations Security Council.


During their discussion, the Japanese diplomat said that Sierra Leone is a priority subject with Japan, which is why the Japan is  expressing  its support to the country  with reference to the Peacebuilding Commission and employment -creation in Sierra Leone. He lauded Sierra Leone for being one of the success stories of the United Nations in the area of peacebuilding. “You have made yourself a success story of the UN from war to peacebuilding and national reconstruction, “, he emphasized .

He went on to say that since Sierra Leone is Chair of the Committee of 10 (C-10 ) on Security Council Reform , he came to also discuss reform issues with Ambassador Touray . He stated that the Group of 4 ( G-4) consisting of Japan, Brazil, Germany  and India believe that the Intergovernmental Negotiations need momentum and a step-by-step approach , which is the way to go and as a result the G-4  are working towards a draft resolution that will provide for expansion of the Security Council in both the Permanent and Non-Permanent Categories and for improvement of  the working methods. “We started reaching out this week to our African and European friends to test the waters ..and we want inputs on the proposed resolution “, he added.


Responding to the Japanese Minister, Ambassador Touray thanked him for paying him a courtesy call and underscored the fact that Sierra Leone and Japan will understand  each other  more through such interactions. Ambassador Touray said that Sierra Leone is engaged in national reconstruction and the emphasis is on rebranding the country. He told the Japanese diplomat : ” You are playing a good role in our development strides . As far as your role in the PBC , you have been instrumental in developing the architecture of the Commission and giving it a new dimension that development has a role to play in peacebuilding , and the emphasis should not be just on peace , human rights  and the Rule of Law. We appreciate your  country’s efforts and hope that during your time you will do the same”.

Ambassador Touray informed the minister  that Sierra Leone will be conducting Presidential and Legislative Elections in 2012 and that the nation will need good friends like Japan to make the elections  a success. He disclosed that Sierra Leone would appreciate any logistical support  as there were gaps in the availability of vehicles, for instance .

On the reform of the UN Security Council, Ambassador Touray stressed the importance  of the African Common Position, as enunciated by the Ezulwini Consensus and the Sirte Declaration. “On your proposed resolution, we look forward to hearing more from you .Whatever will give the negotiation process a momentum we will be obliged to move along with it once it does not compromise the African Common Position. “  Ambassador Touray noted that the whole issue of Security Council Reform is a comprehensive package and Categories of Membership  and The Question of the Veto are interconnected .

The Minister Plenipotentiary and Coordinator of C-10, Leeroy Wilfred Kabs-Kanu,was present during the deliberations.

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