Another SLPP attempted electoral fraud uncovered at Lumley*

Following the dramatic news of ballot paper theft in Kenema, Eastern Sierra Leone, information reaching me from Lumley in the Western Area indicate that yet another incident of ballot paper theft took place around Kaningo in Lumley involving some SLPP supporters including their aspirant, popularly called ‘TAWA’.

The incident is also being investigated by the police.

It would appear that true to their Paopa mantra, the string of incidence of ballot paper thieving on the eve of the elections could not be unconnected with thier
unjustifiable insistence to defy the police restrictions of movement on polling day.

By all indications, the SLPP have long hatched
a grand plan to steal the will of the people through such neferous activities including the premature declaration of victory 48 hours after the March 7 elections.

As events unfold, all elections observers should be particularly vigilant now to ensure the integrity of the final results rather than waiting to put out post elections reports which would rather be to late and have little or no effect.

© Sheriff Mahmud Ismail

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