By D-Leaf, pls help me shareThe National Secretary General of the indomitable All People’s Congress, who double as the pen pusher, political stratigist, scribe and spinner, Amb Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh said the Indomitable APC government since 2007 general elections assumed power through the ballot box by the mandate of the people of Sierra Leone in a free, fair and democracies election.

It is a truism that the philosophy of the indomitable All People’s Congress was immediately demonstrated by our former President, Ernest Bai Koroma who doubles as the Chairman and Leader of the party, in the practical implementation of the Agenda for behavioral change and the Agenda for Change. Behavioral changes was implemented and incubated by the spirit of patriotism, nationalism, zero tolerance to corruption, respect for law and order, burning love for democracy justice and peace.



Agenda for change was the strategie implementation of in key areas- Energy-Agriculture-Infrastructure- Education and Health, through the country. After winning the 2012 Presidential and General Election, the indomitable APC inclusive Government embarked on the practical implementation of the Agenda for Prosperity that attracted tourists, investors, mining companies etc etc.

While the country won distinguish international laurels for democracy, good governance justice rapid development and peace the deadliest terrorist disease ebola struck the country from neighboring countries Guinea and Liberia resulting in untimely death of doctors, nurses children and adults.
The Government instituted unfrequented rapid measure to stop kick out the virus and the International community are contributing immensely to the Government, NGO’s and other private agencies. Government health ministry throughout the country sensitized the people that ebola is real and took drastic measure in providing medical care and other facilities. As a productive party we contributed immensely to compliment government effort to bring normalcy towards the fight against the deadly virus disease ebola.

Regrettably some people are the mouthpiece of the devil sensitizing, poisoning the minds of the people that APC don’t want to hand over power, despite there are inregularity of the elections, we respect the rules of law because our party is a product of democratic values and principles.

Quack powerdrunk politicians are murmuring grumbling, injecting hatred, greed, perfillious pride and vicious tribalism into the hearts of the gullible and vulnerable people trying to discredit the laudable strategy and development of the APC government to hand over a transition power democratically.

The National Secretarial want to advice all elected MP’s, Mayor, Chairman or Chairperson including councilors to pay attention to the Secretarial because we are now an opposition, and a country can’t rule by itself but through a political party.

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