APC launches grassroots manifesto for a better Sierra Leone

The All People’s Congress (APC) party yesterday  5th February unveiled  its 2018 elections manifesto tilted; *”Governing for the Grassroots, Moving Forward with Dr Samura Kamara”*

The manifesto promises to build upon the impressive foundations already laid by His Excellency, President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma. It registers the party’s commitment to have an inclusive government that uplifts the common man and woman with unlimited opportunities.

The Presidential candidate, Dr. Samura Wilson Matthew Kamara  catalogues the party’s vision for a stable and economically prosperous middle income country by 2035.

Dr. Samura Kamara, a distinguished development expert lays out policies that specifically target youths, women and the physically challenged. The Manifesto prioritizes job creation, business promotion, the environment, and greater access to health, education, energy, ICT and justice.

*The launching took place  at the Miatta Conference Center in Freetown*


On the 5th. February, 2018, at the Miatta Conference center, the indomitable APC in a grand style launched their manifesto by their flagbearer, P. C. Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara.

The floor was opened by the wise Secretary General of the indomitable APC party Amb. Dr. Osman Foday Yansaneh who called upon the APC party campaign spokesman 2018, the Hon. Alhaji Dr. Alpha Abu Bakarr Sidiqiu Kanu to make a statement.

The campaign spokesperson in his statement after greetings the flagbearer to be and his running mate, the Secretary General, the deputy chairman, NAC, Women Congress, Youth League, APC Veteran, Diaspora, Disable Wing, Trader, and the diplomatical-core, observed all protocols talked about the historic manifesto by His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma in 2007 and 2012 respectively. He analysed numerous achievement made in the past years under the leadership of the APC party.

He also talked about God’s creation of the earth, in relations to the vision expressed by our Leader and Chairman to push our nation forward. Alpha Khan explained in details about the situation on the SSS4 class in secondary schools today in Sierra Leone. He reflected on the individuals who did great and at ease through higher educational establishments in the past because they went through the sixth form or the SS4 of today.

An example he said, were the Hon. Minister of Agricultura Dr. Proff. Monty Jones, Mr. Victor Strasser King, himself Alpha Khan; Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara; Hon. Chernor Ramadan Maju Bah and others. He explained how the SS4/ sixth form is helping the underaged pregnancy fight for it upholds teenager till they are 18 years and fully matured. He also challenged that it is because of this change that the number of students have doubled.

The spokesman said that the main focus for development by the wisdom of Dr. E. B. K, is to give us light / energy, infrastructure, agriculture, education and health, And they are to be closely followed by the other sectors. Alpha Khan asked whether this was wrong a path.

Dr. Khan the (Evangelist ) quoted the Holy Bible, in the book of Proverbs 24:21 saying ” One must not challenge a change for the consequences subsequently will be great”. The campaign spokesman / Iman sheik also quoted the glorious Holy Quran, Surat ul Alaq, ( verse 96)……..God said……” Iqra Bismee Rabika Allaghee Kalaka,” meaning in Arabic: recite/ read in the name of your Lord, who created man from a clinging substance. He emphasized that we must not test what is said in Romans 24:21. We must obey and respect our elders and kings and that we must never mingle with the changes.

He said that in following the ways of the Lord, he beautified the earth for mankind which exactly is practiced by H. E. Dr. E. B. K, as developing the environment. In 2007, he said that he was present during the launching of the Agenda for Change and in 2012, the Agenda for Prosperity. Today he said that we are launching the Agenda for Continuity Plus. He said E. B. K’s program infrastructure, which is ” Numero Deux” According to the Almighty God is good.

He praised the Secretary General of the indomitable APC, Amb. Dr. Osman Foday Yansaneh, the Vice-chairman of the party Hon. Minkailu Mansaray, Mr. John Bornor Sesay, the campaign chairman, and all for the achievement made. He said that P, C Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara is a good sportsman who knows how to very well receive the baton, carefully control it to success with the *Governing For The Grassroots (G4G). Dr. Khan said Hon. Chernor Ramadan Maju Bah* whose fame presided before him was greatly praised.

The Vice-chairman of the indomitable APC party and Minister of Mineral Resources, *Hon. Minkailu Mansaray* welcomed the audience and congratulated them for supporting the APC since the past 10 years. He said that the APC has caused a major growth on our economy with great changes. He, the Vice-chairman, Hon. Minkailu Mansaray asked all to vote again this 2018 for further development. He also concluded that we support *Dr. Samura M. W. Kamara our flagbearer and his running mate Hon. Chernor. R. M. Bah* to win the forth coming elections on thr 7th. March, 2018.

The flagbearer, who doubles as political economic teacher, P. C Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara, declared the event open by enumeration of the manifesto 2018, APC party. The journey has been long and sometimes arduous, but the APC, over the last ten years, has managed to bring the much needed physical and socio-economic developments to the doorstep of the average citizen. Additionally, the APC has translated challenges into resilience and hope for Sierra Leoneans; hope in the future, hope for the country, and hope for the wellbeing of Sierra Leoneans. I am therefore humbled to lead this great Party in the next elections to continue our unique vision of moving Sierra Leone into a middle class country, leaving no one behind. I Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara, would like to be remember as President that contributed to and build on the great legacy of his Predecessor, His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma to rebrand and transform Sierra Leone into a middle income country; by instituting the right policy, economic, institutional and regulatory frameworks in place to meet all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the vision of the Agenda 2063 of the African Union (AU).

If given the mandate to lead this country, my key priority areas will focus on:

1. Promoting economic diversification, domestic revenue generation and improving the quality of life for all in a sustainable manner;
2. Ensuring inclusive, transparent and accountable government for our people;
3. Creating the enabling environment to sustain quality and high value job opportunities in the public and private sectors for our youths, women, physical challenged and graduates;
4. Mainstreaming gender issues across governance;
5. Expanding welfare and social protection programmes that will cater for the aged, orphans, the challenged, victims of disasters and epidemics and our border communities;
6. Expanding access to and improving the quality of services in our health, education, water, energy and justice sectors;
7. Promoting citizenship, nationalism and patriotism;
8. Waging a decisive war on indiscipline and intensifying addressing housing issues;
9. Regenerating slum communities and effectively addressing housing issues;
10. Reforming the public sector for greater efficiency; and
11. Updating and strengthening the many policies and programmes set up to effectively manage the environment and integrating environmental sustainability into all national and local development plans.
My government will be an inclusive administration. We will put people first! We will provide voice and listen to the needs of our citizens. We will embark on this monumental journey together. In anticipation of doing so, we have carefully selected the below priority areas where we believe we can maximize our leones investments to transform our society in a structural manner.

Some of the highlighted activities are as follows:


The All People’s Congress (APC) inherited a difficult economy; one that was saddled with many challenges, not least being high rates of poverty and low economic growth rates. Over the past ten years, the APC, under President Koroma, has moved Sierra Leone from very poor growth rates to the second fastest growing economy in the world in 2014 and among Africa’s top ten fastest growing economies (IMF, 2016). Notwithstanding global headwinds, such as collapse of global commodity prices, and endogenous shocks, such as the onslaught of the ebola and its resultant effects, the APC government has pursued sound economic and progressive growth oriented policies that have minimized their impacts on our economy and population. My administration will make long-term institutional planning, coordination and integration the cornerstone of all public sector investments. For a competitive economy that is capable of producing sustainable growth, jobs and shared benefits for all, the strategic interventions will include:

I. Establishment of the Presidential Economic Advisory Council
11. Effective Public Financial Management
III. Diversifying the economy, Increase Trade and Wealth Creation.
IV. Improving International Development Cooperation
V. Strengthening Development Financing and Financial Sector Development.


My administration will secure these achievements and work to strengthen the economic, social and environmental roles of women in society by

● Appointing women to at least 30% of cabinet and civil service positions while encouraging the private sector to do the same;
● Expanding access to finance to women-owned business through low interest rates and direct transfers; ● Pursuing policies that will promote sustainable socio-economic and political progress of women within their families, communities and the country in general.


We seek to ensure inclusiveness by harnessing and develop the potential of youths for national development. In harnessing the demographic dividend, in the next five years, our government will:

● Accelerate job creation programmes for youths;
● Improving accountability and transparency in the use of public resources through enhancement of the rule of law, the work of the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Auditor General’s Office;
● Rationalise and strengthen the climate for sound national develop planning and management.
● Develop job programs targeting graduates from universities and vocational institutions;
● Expand youth roles in both public and private institutions, appoint competent youths to key decision-making positions in the public service and encourage the private sector to do the same;
● Sustain skills development programmes to address present day demand for both professional, middle-level and lower level jobs;
● Revitalise historic local football teams, including Eastend Lions, Mighty Blackpool, Kambui Eagles, Diamond Stars, Wusum Stars, Bai Bureh Warriors and support the development of various other sports in the ciuntry.


We shall focus on the grassroots, ensuring their greater inclusion in the socio-economic and political life of the country in all our programmes and also through the following:

● Promoting the inclusion of the common man and women in the national insurance health scheme;
● Enhancing the registration of lands and such other assets which may be collaterised for low interest loans and other financial inclusion schemes;
● Develop programs enhance the livelihood of ‘border’ communities;
● Review time frames fir paying rents and encourage financial institutions to provide rent advances for workers with regular income.


In the next five years, the APC under my leadership will:

● Strengthen the implementation of the Child Rights Convention and other international instruments created for the protection of children;
● Strengthen the disability commission;
● Continue unconditional cash transfers scheme for the extremely poor and vulnerable households;
● Increase the package of pensioners.


Our next APC administration will:

● Implement structure programs that harness the skills and experience of our diaspora community in the following critical areas: healthcare, education, information technology, science and research, enterpreneurship, business development and management, environmental protection and management, and human resources management.
● Declare the third week of December every year as ‘Diaspora Week’, to facilitate strategic interaction between diaspora Sierra Leoneans and their local compatriots, business and government officials with a view to exploring development, business / investment and other opportunities;
● Amend provisions of the Constitution to allow Sierra Leoneans who are citizens of other countries to run for parliamentary office.


My administration will in the next five years:

● Address the root causes of informal settlements by working with the relevant stakeholders to redesign such communities in ways that enhance livelihoods and promote greater inclusion;
● Improve on the socia-economic infrastructure through the provision of standardized public goods and social services such as good roads, safe water and environmental sanitation, affordable electrical power, quality schools, recreational, religious and healthcare centres.
● Enhance entrepreneurial and life-surviving skills development programmes for youths and women in slum communities;
● Encourage the private sector to invest in countrywide affordable housing and facilitate low interest mortgages.

P. C Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara campaigns slogan is SLPP fongfeng, NGC fongfeng and the others fongfeng but APC Tolongbo.




Prior to 2007, Government’sinterventions in the youth sector was largely fragmented and ad-hoc in nature, leaving behind poorly funded and in some cases, poorly youth coordinated programmes. The APC Government recognises that Sierra Leone’s population is youthful, hence has been making important strides toward improving youth development and empowerment through strategic policies and programmes,

In harnessing the demographic dividend, in the next five years, APC government will:

1) Accelerate job creation programmes for youths;

2)Develop job programs targeting graduates from universities and vocational institutions;

3)Create Youth Investment Fund (YIF) to support innovation in entrepreneurship and technology;

4) Expand youth roles in both public and private institutions , appoint competent youths to key decision- making positions in the public service and encourage the private sector to do the same;

5) Sustain skills development programmes to address present day demand for both professional, middle-level and lower level jobs;

6) Establish Regional Youth Centres of Excellence to provide short term technical and life skills training programmes;

7)Continue to process and package public work schemes into a manageable proportion so as to enhance the participation of the most vulnerable categories of youth, including persons with disability;

8) Introduce a Return to Learning Scheme (The R2L) as a second chance programme with the aim of returning drop-outs and uneducated youths and young adults to schools, colleges, vocational , technical and literacy centres;

9) Strengthen the National Youth Service as a compulsory programme to inculcate nationalism, volunteerism and service in our young graduates;

10) Introduce a National Apprenticeship Programme across the nation with additional focus on youths in poor and vulnerable households in Sierra Leone;

11) Introduce a nationwide course on appropriate work-ethic and entrepreneurship into
the curricula of secondary schools and tertiary institutions;

12)Establish Advisory service centres for the marginalised (Ataya Base, Market , etc) to link them to jobs, training and entrepreneurship opportunities;

13)Revitalise historic local football teams, including Eastend Lions, Mighty Blackpool, Kambui Eagles, Diamond Stars, Wusum Stars, Bai Bureh Warriors and support the
development of various other sports in the country;

14)Establish a National Sports Institute

Vote Samura Chericoco March 2018

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