APC-NA Regional Director gives thanks to organizers and facilitators of the New Jersey Retreat and Banquet

First of all, let me take this time-out to express my profound thanks and appreciation to every last member in New Jersey on behalf of our CHAPTER PRESIDENT(Alhaji Badara Kamara)  to all those  who have given their tireless support to make it possible for us to host  our President. His excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, President of the Republic of Sierra Leone and Leader of the ALL PEOPLES CONGRESS PARTY will be here from Freetown to visit us in the Franklin Township, Somerset,  New Jersey.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank in advance the Chief of Protocol in the office of the President of Sierra Leone Mr. Mannah Pukumu ,  our Ambassador  and Permanent Representative to the UN Mr. Sheku Turay, Deputy Ambassador Keh Kamara, Ambassador Mrs.  Rasie Kargbo . Head of Chancery at the UN MISSION Mrs Jah Matturi for their insight, advises and sense of direction during those crucial stages of the planning of the President’s visit.

The New Jersey Chapter extend its profound thanks to Minister Plenipotentiary Leeroy Kabbs Kanu. for having stood steadfastly behind the APCNJ PLANNING COMMITTEE , myself as-Presidential committee member to the closing bell ringing ceremony @ the world’s largest financial platform (NASDAQ). Minister Kanu who took his time out on three consecutive Sundays to seat with the inner-core Planning Committee of New Jersey to set the tone of this event which is now heading for the history books alongside the Sierra Leone @50 hosted right here in New Jersey.

With His Excellency President Ernest Bai Koroma’s declaration of Sierra Leone entering the Transformation and Development phase, this opportunity will give Sierra Leone and all Sierra Leoneans seeking to bring business ventures to our country to get the renewed confidence to share with  prospective private investors large or small to consider our country safe and open for business.

On the same token, we thank in advance Ambassador Stevens for his usual tireless commitment to the party and above all his humility and perseverance to move the  PRESIDENT’S Transformation phase ofthe country to a new height.

We are also extending our thanks to APCNA Chapter President Alhaji Badara Kamara, our able asst. Secretary General Mr. Alimamy Turay, elderly Statesman Mr. Mohammed Aziz Nabe —the facilitator of the President’s visit;  Mr Sulaiman Kargbo,Fundsraising Director NJ  Chapter, Parliamentary Aspirant Mr. Abdul Rahman Conteh, Mr Dauda Mansaray, an other Parliamentary Aspirant for coordinating our entertainment and PA Systems, Ya Posseh  Naminah Kosay- wife of Paramount-chief PC KANDEH SADU the First -Brimia Chiefdom Kambia Distract (formally Mohmaed Alie Kossay), Madam Abie Bangali Mansaray, Treasurer, APC NA,  Vice Chairman APC NA, Mr.Sallieu Conteh and Haja Madina Rahman.

Thanks again to the APCNA Chairman for trying to reach out to evetyone. This is what we New Jerseyians need right now to recive everyone who loves our President and Country as a whole. My thanks to Madam Kadie kargbo,Madam Marie Salim,Madam Zuliatu Cooper,Mr Leslie Allen, and so many people whom the Chapter President of New Jersey will be extending his sincere appreciation to this week.

Special thanks to  Dr Frank Bannett. Dr Bannett has graciously agreed to join Madam Yabom,Mr Hasan Kamara and myself to coordinate the hotel reservations and accommodation for members  arriving in New Jersey for the Retreat and Banquet. This is all what team work is all about for us to succeed as a nation. We cannot go anywhere if we don’t go there together.

Again, here are the numbers to assist with expediting with hotel reservation:

Dr Bannett 763 232  9339
Mr Hassan Kamara  301 521 6300
Madam Yabom  Sesay   703 869 8568
Madam Zuliatu Cooper   240  424  6436

Please for now, we ask that you don’t call the hotel. Instead, please send your email stating your name,length of stay and how many rooms you will like to reserve so that we can coordinate properly.
Thanks to everyone for their patience and co-operation.

Hope to welcome everyone of you soon in Franklin Township and the Great State of New Jersey, The Garden State .


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