APC slams SLAJ and AYV for hasty generalization and false accusation

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The attention of the All Peoples Congress (APC) party has been drawn to two separate press releases issued by the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) and its Northern Bureau, both dated 18th January 2019, in relation to unsubstantiated allegations of violence and death threats against AYV reporters and Umuru Fofanah respectively.

The membership of the Party and the general public is hereby informed that the allegations are baseless and unfounded and that the APC is yet to receive an official complaint(s) regarding the same from any aggreived person(s) or institution(s).

The Party therefore views, with serious concern, the allegations as orchestrated conspiracy to bring the hard earned reputation of the APC into disrepute, especially at the time when a delegation from ECOWAS is in the country to mediate the rising political tension occassioned by the way and manner in which the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) government is abusing power and authority.

In this regard, the National Publicity Secretariat of the APC remains of the conviction that the press releases from SLAJ and its Northern Bureau are far-fetched from speaking in good faith in the interest, safety and wellbeing of journalists.

The public will recall that a journalist was allegedly manhandled by supporters of the SLPP and officers of the Sierra Leone Police, not just on the instructions of a senior SLPP functionary, but also in his presence on the day of the bye elections in Tonko Limba, Kambia district, Northern Region which SLAJ is still ominously silent on.

That egregious act of violence and human rights abuse allegedly meted against a journalist and perpetuated by senior members of the governing party and the Sierra Leone Police is yet to be questioned by SLAJ nonetheless mentioned in its most recent press releases of 18th Janaury 2019.

Our attention has also been drawn to the allegations made by the African Young Voices (AYV) Media Empire in relation to the hullabaloo surrounding one of its reporters on its front page commentary on Friday 18th January 2019 edition in which AYV threatens a news blackout on the APC.

Claims that AYV reporters were attacked on the premises of the Chairman and Leader of the APC, and as endorsed in one of the press releases from SLAJ, is totally untrue and deliberately misleading.

This seeming carefully orchestrated conspiracy to bring the reputation of the APC into disrepute cannot be unconnected to the preemptive statement by AIG Brima Jah, Director of Crimes Services of the Sierra Leone Police, that the APC supporters attacked AYV journalists and carted away with a camera on Radio Democtacy 98.1 Good Morning show thereby prejudging even before a complaint was brought forth to his attention and as if he was present at the scene of the alleged crime.

This was just before he [AIG Brima Jah, the lead investigator] had confirmed that the atmosphere in the precinct of the residence of the Chairman and Leader was very peaceful.

Therefore, we believe that whatever may have happened outside the precinct of the residence of the Chairman and Leader has been prejudiced by the Police and we expect no good faith outcome different from the seeming conspiracy by SLAJ, AYV and the Police to present the APC in a bad light in view of public perception.

We therefore hereby engender AYV’s patience against its hasty threat to shut down the curtains on activities of the Party and news blackout on 68 Members of Parliament, 10 local councils, well-over 200 elected local councillors of the the largest opposition in the country. It would be injurious to democracy and good governance and besides, we stand to be challenged that the APC is certainly the biggest newsmakers in Sierra Leone.

Nonetheless, should the Party receive any official complaint(s) from any aggrieved person(s) or institution(s) the matter will be seriously looked into and where necessary defaulters shall be held accountable.

It is however adviceable for victims of the purported misfortunes and their allies to restrain themselves from hasty generalization/conspiracies and/or baseless and unfounded allegations against the APC as clearly demonstrated in SLAJ’s separate press releases and AVY’s threat of news blackout on the APC.

Cornelius Deveaux
National Publicity Secretary
All Peoples Congress.

©APC National Publicity Secretariat
Saturday 19th January 2019


Anthony Navo Jr. Engages a Self-Distruct Gear.*

Navo a young Sierra Leonean and self acclaimed owner of the African Young Voices (AYV) Media Empire continues to self-destruct as karma catches up with him. Those who knows Navo very well will tell you that he is nothing less than an opportunist and a serpent in human skin.

Navo rose to fame by wickedly destroying those who gave him a life line. Yes! Navo was in school when his Brother in Law, Mr. Abubakarr who is the founder and owner of Bakadis International trusted him with his life.

Sadly, Mr. Abubakarr made a grave mistake when he decided to put Navo in charge of the foreign exchange arm of his business in Sierra Leone. Guess what Navo did to Mr. Abubakarr? He highjacked the business and converted it to his personal entity. Navo went further to seize the piece of Land of this hardworking Sierra Leonean and used the poor guys money to build for himself his Hill Station Residence on Navo Drive on the very land he seized from Mr. Abubakarr. Navo’s action left Mr. Abubakarr penniless and almost homeless in the UK.

Navo’s criminal plans ensured Mr. Abubakarr lost all his mortgages, investments and other properties in the United Kingdom, Sierra Leone and The Gambia. How heartless and evil can Navo be?

If saying his actions to Mr. Abubakarr is not enough, we saw the worst in this devil incarnate called Navo betrayed the late Moseray Super Fadika ( of blessed memory). We know how Moseray gave Navo all the opportunities in life sometimes at his own detriment. Unfortunately, somethings are best left unsaid because, it is just decent to respect and let the dead Rest In Peace.
Moseray’s death left many questions in the minds of ordinary Sierra Leoneans.

Those who know the behind the scenes continue to question weather Navo is ever going to be able to go to bed and sleep well at night. Karma is the best judge and hope Navo will pay accordingly.

Since Moseray’s passing, people in verious quarters have been asking the following questions and hope Navo will find time to answer them.

1. What happens to Moseray Fadika’s properties, investment and assets?

2. Who is the true owner of AYV TV?

3. How did Navo manage to chase the likes of Pa Musa away from African Minirals and in process he sowed a seed of discord between Moseray Super Fadika and Pa Musa and many other people including; family members of Moseray.

4. Has Navo handed over Moseray’s estates to the wife and children of the late man?

5. Who took Moseray Fadika’s Briefcase in his Hotel after he passed away in London?

For those who are not too familiar with the stories about Navo’s past victims, his recent betrayal Zainab Sheriff of Big Sister Sierra Leone should be enough to show you who the real Anthony Navo Junior is.

*Beware of Navo the Devil Incarnate who only sees the honey pot. Possibly, in the next AWOL awards night, it is only befitting for Anthony Navo Junior the be awarded the lifetime achievement as Betrayal in Chief*.


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