APC has to change political strategies if they want to win back power


By Kabs KANU

FROM ALL INDICATIONS, the APC appears to have lost the elections in Falaba. We learnt that the Fulas, who are traditionally SLPP ,Yalunkas and the Madingoes voted against the APC .

Comrades have complained less about thuggery, ballot stuffing and intimidation this time, although the SLPP being what they are, you cannot rule that out entirely. I see more comrades asking hard and searching questions about why APC  lost  Falaba and now seem to be unable to hold on even to  its  strongholds.

But one honest fact first. Falaba has always been a problem with the large number of Fulas living there who as we know are SLPP. We have never had it easy in that area even in the good, old times. And now , according to the views of comrades , the APC’s  problems there have been exacerbated by the decision made by the previous government to move the capital from Falaba to Mongo near the Guinea border. The people are said to be mad with the APC  for that decision because Falaba is the more ideal location for a capital .


Be as it may, another glaring factor that is now tearing its head is that present APC ‘s political strategy needs to be changed. The APC has moved from the core values and strategies of the Siaka Stevens / S. I. Koroma era and embraced strategies that are no match for the SLPP strategies of deception, fraud, lies , tribalism and violence .

1. A new radical spine needs to be injected into the party. The APC’s  present laissez-faire approach and strategy will not work against the SLPP. They  have to play them and beat them at their own game. Only a very radical and revolutionary approach will bring the APC back to power and for this to succeed, the party  needs young, vibrant and devil-May-care firebrands to take charge in the party once again; firebrands who will go toe-to- toe and neck-and- neck with the SLPP in what ever they bring up.

APC  cannot leave the stage in their hands. It was never the APC’s way. This is Biblical. If we have to gain heaven, we have to take on the Devil and the spiritual powers in the wicked realm. Jesus Christ himself said : THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN SUFFERETH VIOLENCE AND THE VIOLENT TAKE IT BY FORCE ( Matthew 11: 12 ) . He was not talking about physical fighting and malicious violence. He was talking about having militant mind against the devil . Though salvation is by grace, we will never enter heaven with sloppy, care-free and careless attitudes. The new APC has been very sloppy, care-free and careless with power.

2. The APC tried the strategy of appeasement during the President Ernest Koroma era and we all applauded it but we all know now that it failed us . Firstly, the people appeased used APC  resources to fight APC and help the SLPP return to power. Secondly, in trying to appease  opponents beyond what was expected , APC  abandoned its  people in Tonko Limba , Tonkolili and Falaba, Development projects the APC  adorned opponents’ bases with should have been taken to their bases as well. APC  thought they would have won the hearts of the SLPP by concentrating development projects in their bases but what happened ? The tribalistic people decided to overlook all President Koroma’s magnificent work in their territory and vote for their tribesman. The lesson the APC  has  learnt is that it must first strengthen the hands of the people in its bases as President Bio is teaching the nation  painfully now.

President Koroma was very nationalistic and patriotic. He ruled Sierra Leone as one nation . He did not care about bases . He carried development projects everywhere. God will bless him and his family for that. If he does not get his reward here , he will get it in the next world. We have seen , however, that our opponents are very ungrateful. Therefore, in future , APC  must not abandon their bases to please their opponents. If they win the North, Western Area and Kono, they will always prevail. I am not saying they must abandon the other areas. The APC  policy has always been to develop everywhere in Sierra Leone and this is why they remain the most popular and preferred party to the Sierra Leonean people. They must continue to do so, but they  must no longer over -compensate and forget their bases in the process.

3. This is painful and it hurts to even think about it because of the extremes they went, but the APC must find a way to reconcile with the Victor Fohs, Alpha Kanus and the NRM, just as they have done with Chief Sam Sumana. They have to reconcile with all the people they  hurt, disappointed, isolated , marginalized and drove away. It is a supreme sacrifice but they have to do it for the good of their beloved APC. They  cannot leave out these people as the crafty SLPP will use them to further divide and destroy our bases.


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