As Hurricane Matthew advanced, Haitians prayed desperately for their country


AS a major hurricane causing death and destruction in the Caribbean  bore in on  their country, the people of Haiti were praying desperately to God for their nation, instead of sitting down and complaining and blaming their President and Government.

I was in Haiti many years ago to witness the setting up of our church orphanage.I spent two weeks in Haiti.



Sierra Leone does not come close to Haiti in the maelstrom of poverty, hardship, suffering, misery and desolation . If the kinds of social and economic situations I saw in Haiti prevail in any African country, there will be a revolution. I will show some of the pictures to prove my point.

Yet, the Haitians pray for their country in the midst of their problems . Here, as you can see from the pictures , even children are involved in the prayers. Haitians know that only God is able to save them from the deadly hurricane and so they have turned to him in prayers and supplication.



If it had been Sierra Leone , instead of praying and resorting to  survivalist measures, people would have been sitting down supinely and laying all the blames for the storm on the head of their President. This shameful practice by Sierra Leoneans is responsible for the difficulties in finding solutions to our problems. We do not pray. We do not look for creative solutions. All we do is grumble and complain and blame the President even for natural phenomena that the President has no control over.

WE BELIEVE THAT EVERY PROBLEM IS A RESULT OF OUR PRESIDENT NOT DOING SOMETHING, though any sensible person knows that there are certain natural disasters that no man can prevent.

When last there were heavy rains in our capital, leading to floods , SLPP  supporters blamed the government. As for the SLPP, everything in Sierra Leone is caused by President Koroma, even “Acts of God”, like tornadoes, lightning strikes, road accidents and floods .
We are too educated for such ignorant and uncivilized thinking.
We must learn to distinguish between things we can blame the government for and events that government has no hands in creating or causing.
Other countries, even the Great United States, pray even when they suspect terrorist acts in the horizon.
We in Sierra Leone just want to blame government for everything.
Let us learn to pray for our country ,instead of politicizing everything and blaming the President and his government for everything.

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