AYV is a sheep in wolf’s clothing

*✍🏿 Amadu Speedo*

It’s apparently clear that the Africa Young Voices Media is a mere sheep in a wolf clothing and a politically operatives media house working in the interest of the SLPP party.
Of cause , one shouldn’t have any iota of doubt as the so-called AYV is owned and controlled by a fanatic , blue blooded, and card carrier of the ruling S.L.P.P party.
Who in Sierra Leone that don’t know about Jnr. Navo political affiliation with the SLPP on to the point that he contested for parliamentary election in Froubay community sometime ago?
So what do you expect from AYV when the CEO is an SLPPier “tigi tigi”?

To unmask the political gimmicks and face of the Africa Young Voices media empire , underneath are my points to attest to the political siding of the AYV.

First, the orchestrated Presidential debate chiefly organized by AYV , where they deliberately gave Dr. Samura Kamara the presidential candidate of the APC party faulty mic to distract and set him off.

Again, the interview done on the conditions of living that was played was narrowly done in the south and eastern provinces where members of SLPP were chosen to talk negative about the APC.

Importantly, the APC have organized series of press conferences concerning the political intimidations of the SLPP government , AYV deliberately didn’t cover these press conferences.
Not to talk of the recent police attacks on the APC party headquarters where live rounds were fired and tear gas canisters were pumped at innocent and defenseless supporters which AYV didn’t cover.

The coming and welcoming of former President Koroma was not covered by the so-called AYV.
There are many to say.

The above have clearly manifested the biasness and impartiality of AYV.
*”Bo AYV wuna na nor tok bo, we sabe wuna”*
Most of the news coming from AYV are now censored to dance and match to the rhythm of the government.

What baffles me most is the interest that AYV has in covering the private questioning of former President Koroma when there are thousands and more human interests and human rights abuses , summary sacking of northerners , hardship and destitute living conditions of the people stories, but remain unreported by AYV due to their political lens they’ve put on.

When a media institution is bias ,the audience becomes uncompromising with such medium.

*by Amadu Speedo*

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