By Brima Jalloh
On Saturday 6th January 2007, Belllview flight bound for London decided to abandon over 30 or more of it’s passengers including women and children at the Lungi International Airport.
As it’s the end of holiday these kids have to return to school on monday 8th January 2007. This is not the first time it’s happened. Flights are sometimes cancelled with no explanation given to passengers.
Total lack of respect.
According to Bellview staff/officials the flight was overbooked for the simple reason that passengers from Lagos were given priority at the expense of already confirmed bookings from passengers in Freetown.
Correct me if i’m wrong,but i believe Bellview must fullfil it’s obligation under the terms and conditions that gave them the rights to land at Lungi International Airport and London Heathrow. They cannot have it both ways.When confronted by by pasengers in Freetown as to what was happenning,officers totally ignored the passengers’ plight and to my amazement i was told on the phone that Bellview officers left the Airport through the back gates for the Ferry Terminal.
To put this mildly i’m digusted over their behaviour and i believe something has to be done.Bellview staff left everyone to fend for themselves until Wednesday 10th January. Some of these passengers have left their homes and families with the hope to return back to London the date they’ve confirmed their bookings after exhausting all their finances in hotels and other projects.
This is sad. All the passengers have now decided to meet at Bellview Head office in Freetown at 9:00am on monday 8th January 2007. Please do something before this tragic incident happen again. With Kind Regards Ibrahim Jalloh (London) 

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