Better a Grey Head with Blessed Hands than a Rogue Head with a Bleeding Skull and Bloody Hands

Maada Bio is a trash talker that is biting more than he can chew. During the introduction of his obvious preference as running mate Dr. Khadi Sesay, he made a bad taste hint to President Ernest Bai Koroma’s grey hair. If Maada thinks his ‘youthfulness’ is the dominant factor taking his head to the clouds of victory, there is a rude awakening in the making for exactly one year from today. Bio should not underestimate the resolve of Sierra Leoneans to make the right choice and vote for the most excellent candidate given the unadulterated facts.  These facts did not favor Bio yesterday. They serve as barriers to his electability today. They won’t go away tomorrow.  Moreover, before the conclusion of the 365 days, Sierra Leoneans will leave no doubt that keeping the grey hair President in office is fitting than electing a “VAGABONE” to that office.



Maada fooled no one but himself choosing Dr. Khadi Sesay to join his scarred ticket. He told his small group of supporters that he was back in town to make good on an earlier promise. He had pledged to select a descendant from Port Loko District as his running mate. Also, he talked about his commitment to meet the constitutional mandate of getting more women involve in the governance of the nation. As things currently stand, this requirement calls for a 30% involvement. He said that by selecting Dr. Khadi Sesay, he has kept his pledge. Outlandishly, he promised to increase women’s involvement to 50% if elected.

First, there was no need to appoint a search committee for a running mate, because his mind was made-up about his pick from the start. All the committee did was to adhere to Bio’s decree. They had no choice but to agree with Bio that Dr. Kadi Sesay is the individual. Second, his promise of 50% female involvement if elected is more idealistic than pragmatic. The women suffrage movement has not yet peaked in underdeveloped Sierra Leone to make Bio’s 50% feasible. IT IS A BIG LIE THAT WE MUST CALL BIO OUT ON. He is jumping the gun by saying anything to get to State House.


Instead of telling Sierra Leoneans about being a consistent molester of Sierra Leonean women at home and abroad, he wants people to believe that Dr. Khadie Sesay is now his magic bullet that will seal his past and bring down the insurmountable odds against him. If Bio was serious, his unimpressive speech should have been made to a female dominated crowd or at least a 50/50 gathering with pictorial display supporting his position. However, Dr. Khadie Sesay looks like a FEMALE DETAINEE amidst 99.9% frenzied SLPP male stalwarts. As he continued to entrance himself Bio said, “I am not like other leaders who have not fulfill their promise until they turn grey.” Clearly, he was referring to His Excellency President Ernest Bai Koroma.


Did Bio forget that when Sierra Leoneans became appalled with their juvenile delinquent NPRC regime they coined the phrase, “Nar Pikin Rule Contry” (NPRC)?  Did he forget that consuming all the ostentatious promises NPRC 1 & 2 made, was the pestering of Sierra Leoneans at record levels? Sierra Leoneans developed the resiliency to say “NO” to the AFRC because of the atrocious and pungent precedent of Strasser and Bio NPRC infantile leadership. Nearly two decades later, Maada who is more specious and unceasingly frantic is back portraying himself as the “redeemer” of the youths, “champion” for women’s rights, and the younger candidate without grey hair. Not this time Maada Bio.


The child that ruled the nation in 1996 will not return 15 years younger to complete the “ethnic cleansing” they started in 1992.  Sierra Leoneans are wiser and more sophisticated to defeat Bio’s course with their ballots. Sierra Leone needs a lucid and experienced leader than the jokey and heartless leadership Maada Bio wants to provide. Bio became a fool at 40 thinking there is no need to atone for his grievous acts against God and the Sierra Leonean people. If making fun of President Koroma because of his grey looks is one of Bio’s arsenals, then he is unquestionably childish. He has retrogressed because immaturity is still evident in his manner of thinking. Which sober leader makes an out-and-out promise of 50% fulfillment of a constitutional mandate they have only kept 1% of? Maada Bio would because he is irrational, unreasonable, nebulous, and naïve. Adolescence is still part of his outlook because he is unaware of the current era in Sierra Leone.


With God’s help, the people of Sierra Leone will not allow a scoundrel with a scandalous past to lead them. With God’s help, the scales of Karma will not remain unbalanced forever as the manifestations of Bio’s gruesome acts shall overturn his lofty fantasies.  Therefore, better a grey head with blessed hands than a rogue head with bleeding skull and bloody hands. Whereas President Koroma’s “hands are blessed with the blessings of the Lord,” Maada Bio’s hands are cursed by the God of right and wrong. Bio nar ‘Haram’ and a Haram individual will never ever again lead Sierra Leone. Let’s reelect Ernest Bai Koroma in 2017. Think Salone!

Solomon Sesay

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