Monday March 13, 2006      

By Mohamed Sidi Sheriff

Since the 1930s, there is something mystical about the seventh year of every
decade in Sierra Leone.

-In 1937, an outbreak of Small Pox led to the catastrophic death of thousands of
Sierra Leoneans.

– In 1947, an earthquake took place in Sierra Leone

– In 1957, the first political upheaval between Milton and Albert Margai set the
pace for bad governance when the APC party formed three years later came in to
steal the show

– In 1967, for the first time in Africa, a ruling regime was narrowly voted out
of office by an oppostion party which sowed the seed of everything that
represented bad governance in Sierra Leone

-In 1977, a wide spread student demonstration across Sierra Leone adversely
affected the political base, physical infrastructure and the economy of Sierra
Leone, which almost brought down the APC regime

– In 1987, the pace was set for Sierra Leone’s First Vice President, Attoney
General and Minister of Justice – late Francis Minah – to be executed after a
controversial treason trial.

– In 1997, the notorious AFRC junta seized state power and held Sierra Leone to
ransome for nine months amidst national and international outcry.

– In 2007, guess what will happen?

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