By Kabs Kanu

This book is very interesting and eye-opening for it illustrates the political thought, dreams and visions of the slain Liberian leader, Gen. Samuel K. Doe. It is a must read by young journalists and activists to understand fully why Doe and other soldiers like Thomas Weh Syen, Thomas Quiwonkpa, Nicholas Podier, Fallah Varney , Harrison Pennon etc. stormed the Executive Mansion on April 12, 1980 to overthrow the True Whig Party. It also explains ,through the late military leader’s speeches , his dream for Liberia.


It can never be said with conviction that Liberians did not give Doe enough chance to accomplish his vision for his nation. Or can it ? Mr. Gbayafoh Moses, are you in the house ? I see many Liberians commending Doe today and describing him as one of the best presidents they have had. Really ? Can History verify these claims ?

My perspective after reading this book remains one of suspicion for mealy-mouthed so- called reformists who promise their people dramatic change. Doe may have had good intentions and I do not seek to discredit him here , but we must be careful when people raise our expectations to the high heavens in Africa and promise us big change.

I see the Doe syndrome being repeated in different guises in Africa. Gambia ? Ghana ? Nigeria ? How many times have we not been promised change which turned out to be a pipe dream ? I was in Liberia throughout the Doe era. I am a witness to the facts.

Whereas things are rough in Africa, my perspective and advice to fellow Africans remain , after all we have seen and experienced : BEWARE OF THE TROJAN HORSE.

At times, it is better the devil you know than the angel you don’t.

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