BREAKING NEWS : Christiana Thorpe under pressure to avoid investigating thousands of suspicious votes


COCORIOKO investigators have learnt that National Elections Commission Chairperson , Dr. Christiana Thorpe, is under more tremendous pressure than she revealed during the NEC Press Conference on Wednesday. This newspaper has learnt that the lives of Dr.Thorpe and other electoral commissioners are seriously being threatened  by the Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP) .The reason :  Dr.Thorpe is being arm-twisted to certify thousands of bogus and inflated votes but she has refused to accept and has in fact decided to investigate the over-voting.

Now , readers can see the basis for the unrealistic optimism supporters of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP ) have been expressing that their Presidential candidate, Solomon Berewa, won the elections by 14, 000 votes or 56% .. Going by the numbers of registered voters, and the amount of voters who really took part in the polls, the figures Dr. Thorpe is being harassed and threatened to certify are far in excess of these numbers , so excessive that they will make nonsense of the meticulous and credible statistics NEC has been collating.

The unbending NEC Chairman decided to stop calling the votes for two days to investigate the votes. Now, the SLPP wants her not to investigate and to announce the results. This is responsible for the court injunction the SLPP filed over the weekend.

The eyes of the nation and the world are on the NEC as the APC and other organizations have also been collating the results and based on their figures which are in harmony with the NEC’s , it is not mathematically possible for the SLPP to win the elections after Wednesday’s collated figures which left the SLPP trailing by 291, 000 votes. The plans to hijack the runoffs are falling into place , but most Sierra Leoneans believe that Dr. Thorpe will reject the bogus votes.

It is reported that foreign diplomats and members of the international community are displeased with the SLPP for the subterranean moves they are making to torpedo the will of the people in Sierra Leone.

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