C4C Party alarmed at escalating divisiveness in Sierra Leone

Yankuba Kai-samba

The court in Sierra Leone has given judgement in the election petition filed by the SLPP against 16 APC parliamentarians.

In the interest of fair play and peace, the people of Sierra Leone expect the 32 election petitions filed by the APC against the SLPP parliamentarians ,should and must also be heard without any delay.

If we all kept quiet in the face of injustices and unfairness because the party we support is in power, then there comes a time when even those exercising power , wouldn’t be able to defend themselves.

The judiciary and our law enforcement agencies must assert their total independence from political influence, because the absence of this is the biggest problem above all.

This can only be possible when the bar association and the judges takes a collective stand against interference from politicians.

With a strong and independent judiciary, our civil liberties and the security of Sierra Leone will surely be guaranteed.

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