By Kabs Kanu

English football fans used to tease David James , a once careless and blunder-prone goalkeeper of Aston Villa fame , by calling him CALAMITY JAMES. The goalkeeper was an absolute calamity between the posts. Even simple shots taken from afar could beat him, and during very big games, especially . He cost England many defeats in major competitions.

Dictator Maada Bio is behaving like Calamity James. Maada Wonie Bio has been an absolute calamity in power.

It is under Calamity Bio that thuggish Police officers entered the wells of Parliament and beat up and dragged out members of parliament , leading to the illegal imposition of the Speaker and Deputy Speakers of Parliament on the nation. It was so bad that the ECOWAS sent a delegation to come and reprimand Bio.

It is under Calamity Bio that SLPP thugs went out of control and destroyed all the market stalls of the poor and striving Abacha Street market women, destroying their livelihood.



It is under Calamity Bio that supporters of the party that had won the elections went all over the country beating , killing opponents and burning their houses and businesses.

It is only under Calamity Bio that real, unpardonable idiocy in international diplomacy was displayed in our nation when Bio summarily dismissed ambassadors and diplomats without following established Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international diplomatic protocols on recalling diplomats under the Geneva Convention. The Government had to embarrass itself by eating its own words by keeping the diplomats at their posts until they followed the protocols.

It is only under Calamity Bio that recalled diplomats were not given their full repatriation benefits and June salaries and forced to be presently stranded on foreign soil, unable to return home .

It is only under Calamity Bio that all Northerners working in ministries, departments, agencies, police and security agencies, parastatals and quasi-government institutions were fired based on their tribes and replaced by citizens from the South/East of Sierra Leone.

It is only under Calamity Bio that funds donated to the government for the presidential inauguration were kept in the bank account of the First Lady Fatima Bio instead of the national bank account.

It is only under Calamity Bio that a government elected under the promise of a NEW DIRECTION in the country has spent the first 100 days of its rule hounding, harassing and molesting members of the opposition and supporters and setting the tone for chaos —And cannot name any one good thing they did.

It is only under Calamity Bio that the national currency, the leone, is taking a dramatic free fall and prices of all basic commodities are escalating daily, bringing tremendous hardship on the people , during the government’s first 100 days in power.

It is only under Calamity Bio that the constitution and legal processes are being raped with impunity as the government struggles to impose tribal hegemony and Kamajor juntacracy and dictatorship in Sierra Leone.

It is only under calamity Bio that a kangaroo Governance Transition Team that was not set up by an Act of Parliament or legal procedure, but consisted cronies of the government —thus lacking legality and legitimacy –came out with wide-ranging allegations against former government officials and based on its recommendations, a blanket travel ban has been imposed on all former government functionaries while a commission of inquiry is being set up to try them for specified offenses that would lead to fines, jail and forfeiture of their assets.

It is only under Calamity Bio that police officers raid the homes of former government officials without search warrants and conduct illegal searches and seizures, contrary to the Rule of Law.

The list could go on and on and on.

Sierra Leone is indeed really going through very trying times since Calamity Bio, who is even banned from visiting the U.S, except for the UN General Assembly , was imposed on the nations through fake presidential elections by Britain and some members of the international community.


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