Catholic church clears Maada Bio for tomorrow’s state wedding, but more questions and cynicism provoked


The Archbishop of Freetown Most Rev. Dr. Edward Tamba Charles of the Diocese of Freetown has said that the church has found no impediment to the marriage between  President Maada Bio and his wife, Fatima Bio. 

According to the most Reverend, an extensive investigation was carried out in Kenema, with Frances Bio who is the ex-wife of RTD Brigadier Maada Bio, two priests of their church then and relatives of the woman, who all confirmed that indeed a wedding was done but not in tandem with a canonical form of marriage (not according to the proclamations of the catholic church). The church has given the go ahead for the wedding to be held and celebrated.of the

However, even some supporters of the Bios   thought  at first that this letter was a fraud, until people told them it was really from the Catholic church of Sierra Leone, because it begged many questions and provoked a lot of cynicism as seen below from the comments made by Sierra Leoneans in the social media.


Martin Gborie Lord have mercy on Sierra Leone, I really don’t understand where this Nation is heading to.

Mohamed A R Kamara Judgement day get for interesting,
Ojekeh Parper Snr SO FATIMA DON WIN?
Bishop don tie all dee loos bundle dem tight wan.
Francess march go insai Kenema Catholic Church en march cam back na doe
ee so gladee, ee nor boda for ask for Marrade Certificate at all. 🤣🤣
Louisa Maddie Well other Catholics dem go keep this for Tamara way demseff wan marrade na Catholoc church.

Uncle, you dae kill me with laff @” Francess march go inside Kenena Catholic Church en march cam back na doe….ee so gladee, ee nor boda ask for Marrade Certificate ar all.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Israel Ojekeh Parper Snr Louisa Maddie: Na true. The two Priests den way den say bin day, say den nor me member dat. Di paid sef way bun day say dem mach pray en mach out: natin bot sining registration. Way di foto? Bo, duya, le den lef wi ya. Fatima don win. Tel Fada le e go ahead: Tumos glady nor good oo!


Rising Sun
Mende man prefer e go na hell than e disgrace e mende brother. Temne una learn lesson look how a whole Bishop dae lie catholic church is going in the wrong path which was know to set a principle
Zechariah Conteh Fatima and Bio were never legally married before but engaged and Bio don’t have a certificate of divorce of his former marriage, they have corrupted the Catholic priest To go ahead with their illegal and expensive wedding and should be charged for Bigamy, a wedding with the tax payers money at a time when the “gron” is desert for so many Sierra Leoneans.
Richard Sebba My brother Ousman this decision of the president is very shameful,is not issue you have to even polish on media. This as never happened in the history of this country not even heard about it. Besides president Bio is a Christian. The Bible actually create provision for divorce if your partner have not been faithful with you but if that happens, you should remain on marriage. So meaning God is really against divorce. I personally never knew that our president was a marriage man before. This nation need repentance,trust me my brother
Gombie Musa-Tonyayia This letter is fraud
Ousman Barry Gombie Musa-Tonyayia no sir,it’s not fake
Helen C. Akar God don feed-up with the catholic church long time ago. so so mafia bizness dae.
Sheku Kaimasa

Sulaiman Rahman Kamara Enti na u get all d info please answer you sef. Bishop don tok udat e @ make e sef go turn Bishop

Patrick Sovie Jr. Lawrence E. Faux,please make your appeal to Pope Francis,if you think you are more educated and knowledgeable on the things of the Catholic Church more than his grace the Bishop.

Lawrence E. Faux Patrick Sovie Jr. I do not want to know about it doctrines but his letter create doubts

Patrick Sovie Jr.
Meet with the Head and President of the Catholic Church in Sierra Leone. His Grace the Archbishop,Dr. Edward Tamba Charles, Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy in June 1982.The Pontifical Urban University for Theological studies in Rome awarded him a Bachelor in Sacred Theology. In June 1991, Licentiate and later a Doctorate degree in Dogmatic Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. Ph.D.
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Francis K Foday Thanks my brother for bringing forward what the Bishop is full of from religious academia . Who are what those challenging the findings of our Bishop…..let it be for God sake.

Patrick Sovie Jr. Francis K Foday, you welcome big bro.You know most of our people don’t know the academic pedigree of his grace the Bishop.They might be thinking the letter was coming from one regular pastore from one of those classrooms, They don’t know that our Catholic Priest and Bishop’s are very highly educated.

Sulay Koroma
When the state clashes with the church, the state always wins.

If me sef na Bishop Charles are go say are no fen no impediment Sir, we will marry you in the Catholic Church. If Your Grace bin say impediment day d wan hot slap way Fatima go land Maada way e ge am d news. So Archbishop Charles is actually trying to protect the President from physical and verbal abuse.

Yeah you Grace you are deviating from catholic doctrine. But sometimes you have to do evil for the sake of peace na Lodge.

Marade day ya

Abdul Rahman Jalloh Pls mind your words because will not take all the stupid act or news going around . this man is our Bishop and will not take any nonsense from anybody lonta

If me sef na Bishop Charles are go say are no fen no impediment Sir, we will marry you in the Catholic Church. If Your Grace bin say impediment day d wan hot slap way Fatima go land Maada way e ge am d news. So Archbishop Charles is actually trying to protect the President from physical and verbal abuse.

Yeah you Grace you are deviating from catholic doctrine. But sometimes you have to do evil for the sake of peace na Lodge.

Marade day ya 

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Mariama KallontoRADIO DEMOCRACY FM 98.1 >>


People are acting as though Francis Bio and Maada Bio were married in an age and place where marriage , first communion OR baptism documents of catholics in sierra leone are easily accessible. A couple of years ago a friend of mine wanted to bring her mother to the U.S. Of course U.S immigration asked for all kinds of document, so they sent to the parish to request their marriage certificate. They were married in Moyamba . The diocese said they could not find it. Mind you her and husband had been married for 35 years with five children. So we joked around with them and said they were living in sin. But of course there were people who attended the ceremony at the church so we knew they were indeed joined in holy matrimony. Another example, my sister was not confirmed before she moved to the united states. Of course as a catholic you know you need to be baptised and have first holy communion before confirmation. Her baptism took place in Bo, her first holy communion took place in St Luke’s parish Freetown. We contacted the Diocese and none of her records were traced. Does it then mean she never received those sacraments even though my mother who is not senile said she had received those sacraments in those parishes. The point i’m trying to make is , not locating the documents is not proof positive that the sacrament never took place. Another issue is , it is not in the best interest of the church right now to “find” these documents despite all the uproar by Catholics. Because Yawo done sew clothes, invitation done go out, ashobi don commort. Who is going to go stand in front of Fatima and Maada and say, “Sorry folks, you have to call this wedding off because we found a catholic marriage certificate , and credible people who have also attested to being present at the matrimony mass of Francess Bio and Maada Bio in Kenema”? The implications and embarrassment for Mr President and his bride to be will be a national embarrasment. So if me na Bishop Charles sef, are go say are no fen no evidence of a previous marriage, So go ahead and marry sir.


Emmanuel Morlai Conteh As a catholic these are some of the questions the press release brought:
1. Why dismiss the claims of the woman without a thorough investigation as it use to be before?
2. Why administering holy communion to couples that are alleged to have not been married in church but rather just being blessed. Note that in practice when even when partners going to the same church declares to the church that are they together hence forth stop taking communion until they both get married by the church.
3. Bans of marriage in the Catholic Church are announce every Sunday for a whole year or so before the date of the wedding so that people can say why those 2 cannot be husband and wife. Nothing was stated as if that was done and it does not surprise to hear from the press release that only recently did the propose wedding was challenged with reasons even if quickly thrown away.
4. When couples wish to marry in church they both go through counseling and spiritual teachings according to the catholic faith for a period not less than 1 year, we haven’t seen evidence of that at all.
5. Before you are married in the Catholic Church you have to be baptize and confirmed. Don’t know if Fatima is already baptized and confirmed.
Sad days for our church.
Yeaty Kamara to RADIO DEMOCRACY FM 98.1 >>
Bishop Charles get de bold man for tell we say Francess Bio and Maada Bio yes went to St. Paules Catholic Church in Kenema but it was just to present themselves to the congregation and bless the union. In Which Catholic Church anywhere in the world do you have two baptised, first communion and confirmed catholics just go to ” present themselves” dressed in full marital regalia but they are not getting married? Tell your Archbishop Tamba Charles that his bogus write up will not make sense to any serious Catholic. If Maada don ram Fatima belleh en Fatima pin na in hade say e mus marade am na Catholic church that should be their personal problem. But now they have drawn the entire Catholic Church in Sierra Leone into their dysfunction, Coepted a sitting Archbishop to puts out an illogical statement. Insulting the intelligence of rational people. To reiterate, two practicing Catholics like Francess Bio and Maada Bio do not march to a Catholic Church to “present themselves” as a couple. What in heavens name does that mean to a Catholic? Which priest stands in front of his congregation with a bride and groom and he tells the congregation “I am just presenting this bride and groom to you”. Francess Bio and Maada Bio were joined in the sacrament of Holy Matrimony and no amount of fanciful worldplay by Tamba Charles and his cohorts can change that. Let them go ahead and carry about the rubbish they are doing tomorrow . What is abundantly clear to many catholics is that it will not be the holy sacrament of matrimony. In fact Tamba Charles can take them to every catholic church in Sierra leone but it will not change that fact that it will be an illegal sacrament.
Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing, possible text that says 'ARCHBISHOP CHARLES PRESS RELEASE MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE WHATSOVER!!! Why would Francess Bio a practicing Catholic for that matter just dress up in full wedding outfit, go MARCHING into St Pauls Catholic church in Kenema, if she was not getting married?'

Now that Bishop Charles has made a mockery of the sacrament of matrimony and commenced performing the sacrilege on the altar of God there are still questions that remain unanswered.

Nobody has answered the question of why if President Maada Bio said he and Francess Bio was divorced long ago and had no catholic wedding at Kenema. But why did he present her to the entire Sierra Leone as Mrs Francess Bio in 2012 if they was neither a civil nor a Christian wedding between them at that time.

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Yeaty Kamara to RADIO DEMOCRACY FM 98.1 >>

We do not even know whether Fatima was baptized yet Bishop Tamba Charles stands at the altar in the presence of the blessed sacrament and tell us he is performing the rite of Holy Matrimony. May God have mercy on his soul.

We miss you very much. Pray for the flock in Freetown because the Shepherds have left the gate wide open and wolves are making there way among us.

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