Causes of lawlessness and its damaging effect on Sierra Leone

Ambrose Tab Barbah

Sierra Leone has always been a peaceful country.

A country where you can do almost anything without fear, favours or intimidation.
This was before the brutal and deadly civil war of the 1990s that lasted for ten horrible years
The causes of that deadly civil war are still present today.

Ethnocentrism, nepotism, egotism, cronyism, regionalism, corruption, very high youths unemployment and bad governance were the root causes of the civil war.
Today about 65% to 70%of the youths and the general population are without jobs. About 65%of the population is made up of uneducated youths with no skills of any kind, and no hope in the future.


Those youths are desperate, hungry, misled, miseducated, uneducated and are ready to do anything to survive.
The young , talented, promising women have succumbed to prostitution, illegal drug use and other forms of illegalities.
The promising young men are idle, hungry, uneducated, mislead and are forced to engage in all kinds of crimes including the use of illegal drugs.
The gaps between the haves and the haves not are increasing geometrically. Those gaps are quite prominent and visible everywhere in Sierra Leone especially in Freetown.

The deprived youths see those things every day and those things bring uncontrollable anger , frustration, valueless and virtual hopelessness .
. The sociologist says, the human being is a product of his environment and the psychologist says, the human being is a situational animal.
The hopeless conditions created by our governments are forcing the people to behave in all kinds of barbaric ways.
About 80 to 90% of the people have been forced to engage in all kinds of lies ,deceptions, corruptions and many forms of criminal activities.
It is a shame that the laws of the jungle are taken over in Sierra Leone. This is the direct result of our inept governments that have failed to execute the laws of the land fairly and legally without biases

These governments have not been very inclusive. The present government is stacked with the SLPP supporters and members. This is really not the right way to govern a country ..

We really need to employ the merit system if we are serious about stopping regionalism, tribalism and all other forms of illegitimate practices

A large number of the population is suffering tremendiously while a small group of people are enjoying the wealth of the country. This government has largely encouraged lawlessness in all its ugly forms. The judicial system is corrupt, the police force is corrupt and almost all other organs of our government are corrupt.
Almost everything is in disarray. No zoning laws. Houses are built everywhere. Traffic laws are not obeyed and this has resulted to an untold number of deaths in the country. Murder cases are increasing daily. Robberies and violent crimes are on the rise. There is absolutely no end in sight. Our government is not doing enough to solve those mounting problems. All those problems are created by our government. It is the sole responsibility of our government to control those things and put an end to them.

No country has never come out of a brutal war and remains poor. Sierra Leone is the only country that has not enjoyed economy boom after the civil war.
In the 1914 to 1918 war, commonly known as . the first world war, Germany was defeated and forced to pay huge sums of money to the victorious nations , Great Britan, France and others. Germany was able to recover from that brutal economic damage and created a prosperous society .
. In the second world war,1939 to 1945 Germany was again defeated. The country was reduced to rubbles

Today Germany is economically the strongest nation in Europe.

Why should Sierra Leone remain backward economically, technologically, socially, agriculturally, legally, morally and ethically after the war? The only answer to those is lack of leadership.
If we are serious about developing our country and make it the envy of the world , we need to vote out any government that is not inclusive or productive and try something new.

We also need to remove all those that have been associated with corruption and replace them with fresh faces and new brains.
We shall never be a safe and productive country if we continue to support those who have proven to be unworthy.
We must elect those that are ready to improve the lives of the people especially the youths. Government must take responsibility for all the ills of the country and do something to stop them or else lawlessness will eventually gain the upper hand.
If we allow such dangers to flourish, our beautiful country will become a failed state and that is unacceptable

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