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Base on what is happening in Sierra Leone, it is ok to now call it a shit hole country. We are a sad nation that has been rule by people that have no respect for the constitution or it people. SAD!

April 24 at 5:24am ·

 Bleak days ahead for SL as the newly-elected SLG seeks to abuse its authority to pa-o-pa elect the next Speaker of Parliament despite its lopsided minority status. The public is likely to pay for this via higher consumer prices and possible chaos. The Leone’s exchange rate is trending down. We now need over Le1million to pay for £100 worth of goods. It used to be Le200 = £100. Here is a measure of SL’s hardship due to bad politics.
Toni Kay It is a sad and unfortunate situation that we are in at this moment. The things they are perpetuating just keep piling up. Do hope the international community is watching
Joseph Fomolu
If u say so, what about the 31 MPs from SLPP that APC petition? is the law selective to just one party. we dont have no problem of petitions, But the APC petitions too. The petition is still in the court without hairing. Why is the rule of law not prevail to both petition? The SLPP is using order from the above to supress the oppositions. is that not a way of inviting trouble in the country. former president Koroma maintain the peace that Pa Kabbah left. Maada and his thugs wants to destroyed it. WE NOR WANT FET AGAIN. BUT E LOOK LEK SAY SLPP NOR GO TAY DAY. MARK ME WORD. TOO MUCH OF ONE THING IS GOOD FOR NOTHING.
Culled from Komba Komba.
Mr former Minister of Energy and Power who had more fair in complexion ladies at your Electricity Building office, from your statement above, especially the last three sentences, IT MEANS YOU PLAN TO DESTABILIZE THIS GOVERNMENT that is not even a month old…not so?
Philip Saio Conteh

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Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer, Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosened upon the world.


New SLPP Record!!!

OSD personnel brutalises MPs in the Well of Parliament for the first time🤔🤔

 Nancy S. Kamara Democratic chane is what we voted for not witch hunt and vindictiveness. Please show us that we did not vote for APC. If you are happy and not ashamed of using the same tatics you campaigned against then you misled the people of Salone badly. This is disgusting


Mamu Al Conteh

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This is what we get for choosing CONTINUITY REAL CHANGE.

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Medish Kargbo
Medish Kargbo Wae rebel gt pawa na so normor e go behave, Na d change dis na salone? God save salone.


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Amadu Ramires Sow
Amadu Ramires Sow these is the change that salone people are crying for! what we the young one’s ar larning from these people! tell me plz

And now, the SLPP is bullying APC here and there……..

Let it be restated that it is wrong, unacceptable and unwarranted for our new Clerk of Parliament to have allegedly instructed some OSD to remove some APC MPs in Parliament. No matter what these APC people may have done, it is not right for them to be harassed and suppressed that way. The videos I have seen do not send a good message and yes! They do kill the shaky stands of our fledgling democracy to something even worse! Somebody must also try and put some sense into our security forces who are supposed to be independent! Again, I wonder if most of them did understand what neutrality and independence mean? Pathetic!

Again, as I condemn these unfortunate acts, the APC did the same against the SLPP not too long ago. In fact, Hon Mohamed Bangura who is now believed to be hospitalized allegedly did instruct some thugs to beat up some peace loving Sierra Leoneans all because of some resistance against what people saw as his ‘ill placed actions.’ The acclaimed UDM guys at Pademba road in Freetown should know better.

Honestly, if we continue to witch hunt ourselves, we would still stay behind! It is necessary for President Bio to condemn some of these things otherwise we’d be left to think that he is aware and that he is happy with these happenings.

Sullay Falama
Sullay Falama Very sad indeed for our Democracy
Alhaji Kanu·
 Democracy is going down down… I can’t believe this
So APC brazenly violated the Constitution, now SLPP is doing so. Same soup en Dr. Yummy jes dae wach dem 

Even a core SLPP supporter do not condole the position taken by the SLPP in the wells of parliament. It’s good to know that SLN has some decent folks in the SLPP Party.

By: Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai Esq.

My position of today’s event innthe House of Parliament is that it was unconstitutional to elect the speaker with 76 members of Parliament. The constitutional requirement is 2/3 of the members of parliament to elect the speaker. Now 2/3 should not be wedged through the maze of technicality. If the constitution wanted to say 2/3 majority of MPs present, it would have said so unequivocally. When it said “2/3 majority of members of parliament,” it simply means the entire house. That 2/3 is 95, I think. We only had 76 in the house and that is not a quorum. However, with so many ouster clauses in the constitution, you cannot enquire into this in any court of law. It is purely political manipulation or manoeuvring. Our constitution needs immediate overhaul.

When SLPP MP’s were singing in the well of parliament 🎤🎤Time done done oooh ohhh , nor to bin rudeness that ??… we APC bin order armed men for forcefully remove dem out of parliament??? Una lef janfar talk dem bo, we get records of everything.

For SLPP to copy thirty politics from APC is a betrayal of people who voted for change
Yayah A Kallon
Yayah A Kallon SLPP didn’t violate the constitution, SLPP is doing things by the book. They filed an injunction against some APC MP’s through the supreme courts which was granted.
John Combay
John Combay The judiciary is the mess. In SL Justice is only for the ruling party
Foday Mela Bangura
Foday Mela Bangura The country needs a brand new generation of politicians; plain and simple.
 What happened today in Parliament is the beginning of a relapse to civil conflict. You can’t just ignore the voice of both Western Area and Northern Region. Please check out the antecedents of the war.

Some are genuine.
Some are hypocrites.
No-one can see anyone’s mind.
But both genuine and hypocrites are seen by God.

*The APC will rise again*

Yes, APC will be back in governance one day but until then, the ordinary masses who believe in APC, are being betrayed by those who benefitted the most under the banner of an APC government ushered in by the votes the APC masses had willingly and lovingly cast in 2007 and again in 2012.

©Sylvia Blyden – 25/04/2018

SLPP military decree number 1. 12 APC MPs slammed with court injunction, the Speaker of Parliament sneaked through the back door.
I do admire Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella so much. Thanks for abstaining!!
Asantee Sanaa SLPP has set a stage for themselves for a failed agenda. They were talking about change. Change means doing things different from how they used to be done. Even some of us who are party pekin, condemned some actions of the previous gvt. Now SLPP are no more PAOPA’s but TOLONGBO because they are continueing from where everything was left. Revenge politics never work because nomatter what, it will backfire. Now the country is pulling further apart. This stage is not healthy at all for democracy. Mistakes where made in the past but they can’t be referanced all the time. If the same attitudes and policies continue, the country will keep drowning. The petitioned MP’s all retired. Ojuku Sesay the former press attache in Belgium was denied the symbol because he didn’t resign. The party’s executives new it might happen that’s why they didn’t want to take chances. SLPP knew they were likely to lose the Speaker so they had to come up with something as a way to get their way. Bills still have to be passed and that’s where hostility is going to show itself. Maada Bio doesn’t even want some of these people like CAB close to him. The problem is that they helped Maada during his difficult moneyless times and now he has to pay for it. CAB is one useless corrupt person that has been part and parcel of every failed government. Sorrounding yourself with such people undermines Maada’s rule because whatever they say, he feels like he has to listen because of their history. Same old corrupt faces looking for their burial money. Our APC soldiers this must be the last time they walk out. They can’t be like them before. They have to stay put and defend and vote. They have to be a vibrant and active opposition. Some of us have our good people in their midst so we will play them. Yes nar so ar say. KKY was supposed to take his oath and walk out. Abstaining was oke but not good enough.
APC got Majority MP´s in parliament,but
SLPP with minority MP´s elected the speaker of parliament without the support of APC.

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