Cilaty Daboh expresses views on national matters

First_Name:  Cillaty
Last_Name:  Daboh
City:  Wunde Gboyama
State:  Bo District
This headline seems to me you are advocating for the govt to be telling us when to brush our teeth. That anyone leaving the country must first of all have an exit visa to leave so that the govt. can keep tab on the citizens.I have lived in a communist country and I know how that goes. People of Sierra Leone fought and died so that they will have no govt. on top of them,infront of them, behind them, but on their side to pursue their freedom of choice.Leaving the country on their own free will without govt. interfearance may not be that great from a govt. they have paid the ultimate price for and it is because of the policies or lack thereof of that govt. that makes them leave in the first place. But it is a start.As rich as America is, her citizens have also lined up to go to Iraq in the midst of the danger. And these people are not soldiers.

I was one of them and indeed was ofered a job in Iraq.I did not take the job because the govt. told me not to but of the intervention of my family and friends who were afriad of the dangers involved advised against the lure of the money and think about the dangers involved.It was not George Bush who told me not to go. I would have been in every court of these United States of America if the govt. of the United States had prevented me from pursuing what I may consider my dreams no matter how dangerous that may be.
As incompetent as the SLPP govt. may be or have proven to be I do not hold them responssible for any decission those adults may have made to go to Iraq for what they consider be their greener pastures.
Working for an International organization and meeting people from all over the world have actually made me believe that the average Sierra Leonean is actually in tune with world events than many people in other parts of the world or he/she knows about Sierra Leone.Those who signed up to go to Iraq did so knowing fully well the dangers involved.
Like I told my family in as much as we all want to live, life itself is a risk.


First_Name:  Cillaty
Last_Name:  Daboh
Address:  Somewhere
City:  Lithonia
State:  Ga
Zip_Code:  30038
Comments:  I agree that the president should be applauded for granting pardon to Major Noah. I hope you were not equating Paul Kamara’s imprisoment to that of the likes of Major Noah  which we all know was politically motivated based on fabricated lies. I am against the criminal press libel law in Sierra Leone which had been on our books since almost independence. May be, just may be it was a necssary tool at the time it was ennacted but  the govt. must realise that the law has outlived its usefulness. With regard to Paul Kamra’s case we will not be two faced in pleading his case by condemning the govt for enforcing the laws of the land.  We can pick and choose which laws to change but We as citizens cannot pick and choose which ones not to obey .Models are established by which these laws can be changed and as law abiding citizens who are also very critical of our govt. for not enforcing our laws we must not condemn them for for enforcing a law just because it adversly affects one of own .Paul Kamara’s imprisoment was not illegal but immoral and morallity is an individaul issue whch is very hard to say which is the right one. But then as citizens we can dictate which moral values we expect our leaders to follow. The Christian coaltion in America have proved that the citizens have the power to dictate which values they want their leaders to adopt. 98% of our citizens are very intteligent or so we calim to be. But we have left our fate to be decided by the 2% stupid ones they call themselves politicians.Did someone ever say there is strenght in numbers? Well may be he never visited Sierra Leone. In any case let this majority pick up its thinking cap to advocate in a peaceful and respecful manner for the change of laws the likes of which now put Paul Kamara in hell hole called Pademba Road prisons.
Thanks Mr. Editor for proposing a comission to look into  killings that have taken place in Sierra Leone especially that of Sam Bangura. The lawyer who represented the govt. at the inquest of Governor Sam Bangura is now the Attorney Gemneral of the country and thank God Joko-Smart who represented the family is still alive. These killings are important epiosdes in our history which must be laernt in schools. With regard to the AFRC/RUF executions, they got exactly what they deserve.

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