Covenant Child World Ministry lands first mission team in Haiti

The Covenant Child World Evangelistic Ministry , pastored  by the husband and wife team of the Rev. W.L. Kabs-Kanu  and Rev. Tigidankay Kabs-Kanu, has  landed its first mission team abroad–In Haiti. A four-man team, led by Sister Tigi , has arrived safely in Port Au-Prince , capital of Haiti. I was not able to make the trip, though I have been longing to visit Haiti, after all I have read about the country . Next time, by the grace of God.

The church was invited to Haiti to explore the possibility of building an orphanage and a mission there. A Government official in Haiti, whose relatives attend the church in New Jersey and impressed by the church’s performance after only one year in existence, invited the church and piloted the trip. We crave your prayers as we fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to take the Gospel to many parts of the world.



Two other people– Sierra Leonean and Liberian officials who read our first report online –contacted me to express interest in the orphanage project in the two countries, though we ourselves had Sierra Leone and Liberia very much in mind, before these government officials contacted us. .

Please pray for the team in Haiti that they will continue to obtain the favour of God in all the negotiations and for his continued leading and guidance.

When I was in Liberia , I had a prisons ministry .That was in the mid- 1980s to early 90s. Through the instrumentality of the church I served then, called LIFE CHURCH, I had a team with whom we used to go to the Carter High Prisons in Kakata every Saturday to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the prisoners and to carry food for them. Because of this ministry, many prisoners , correction officers and jailers got saved and confessed Jesus Christ their Lord and Saviour . Some prisoners who stole and raped before did it no more. So the work of God is not done only inside the church. You can reach multitudes when you share the love of God with others. In fact, 90 % of the work of Jesus Christ was outside the church. Christianity is not a religion. It is JESUS CHRIST . Therefore you cannot be a christian if you do not share Christ’s goodness with others.

We have a burden for kids without parents or guardians and we think that through the love of God in Christ Jesus, we can do our own part in making their burdens light and helping to turn them into useful citizens .


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