Day One ends at jampacked APC Delegates Convention with Flagbearer still unknown

The first day of the jampacked ruling All People’s Congress ( APC ) National Delegates Convention ended yesterday with the party’s flag bearer for the 2018 Presidential elections still unknown, with more questions than answers.


But during his address to the convention, President Koroma set the tone by talking very tough–Warning that “no district or community should go with the philosophy that the presidential candidate should come from their region or tribe ‘paopa’ “!

The President also said : People say I am a nice man, that I am a gentleman and I agree; but do not cross my path after I have made a decision. ”

This warning came amidst rumors that the convention was infested with strong pro-district sentiments among some aspirants and their supporters who feel that the flag bearer should come from their own district this time.







Thousands flock APC National Delegates Conference in Makeni

Thousands of Sierra Leoneans comprising All People’s Congress (APC) party stalwarts, supporters and well-wishers, unionists, traders and other grassroots citizens and their allies have descended on the northern regional headquarters of Makeni to attend this year’s national APC Delegates conference which started today Saturday, 14th October to Sunday 15th October 2017.

The Chairman and Leader, President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma has just arrived at the Ernest Bai Koroma Conference Center for the opening session of this year’s National Delegates Conference amid rapturous applause and jubilations even with less than six months to the end of his term of office. The magnitude of appreciation and love displayed by the mammoth crowd in Makeni speaks volumes of the popularity of President Koroma. Jarrah Kawusu-Konte .

Update by Chernor Ojuku Sesay

All the 26 Flagbearer APC Aspirants have entered the hall in one straight line (Tolongbo) as a show of solidarity and oneness. They all rode together in one single bus from the Wusum Stadium to the Conference hall.The EBK Conference Hall is now fully occupied with the APC Brass band providing cool music.
No portrait of any Aspirant or T-shirt is on display in the entire city since Thursday as was instructed by the party. What a disciplined party!
Stay tuned for more updates as we are about to kick-off the programme


His Excellency, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma and his wife, First Lady Madam Sia Nyama Koroma have just triumphantly entered the EBK Conference Hall and the APC Brass band just performed the National Anthem.

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APC Convention Special Updates: 14 Oct. 2017

President Koroma Issues Stern Warning Against any Paopa Philosophy in the APC!

While addressing the pantheon of APC supporters in the jam-packed party office in Makeni,President Koroma issued a stern warning that no “paopa” philosophy will be entertained from any supporters whose candidate will not be chosen as the party’s presidential candidate.

The President’s address which was broadcast live by the local media made it abundantly clear that “no district or community should go with the philosophy that the presidential candidate should come from their region or tribe “paopa”!

In his statement, the president said a man of God had advised him not to pronounce any candidate’s name as presidential aspirant given the high level political tensions currently sweeping across the country with a huge population of supporters that have gathered in Makeni.

The president said he told the man of God that as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, he would do everything possible within his power to maintain law and order if any faction attempted to undermine the peace and security of the state.

In the APC, there is no paopa philosophy!

The president insisted there is no paopa candidate in the APC!

The name of the selected candidate will be issued late in the evening!


Abu Whyte Fofanah
Abu Whyte Fofanah The out going President has spoken. Indeed, there should be no ‘paopa’ syndrome by the supporters of different candidates. Law and order must be in place for peaceful political climate in Sierra Leone. We only pray that God will guide Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma to appoint a God fearing and honest leader that can steer the ship better to best even when it is stormy. May the Lord render help to all Sierra Leoneans.

munjuru Jalloh Gentlemen. There will be no fighting. Here is how it goes. The aspirants will be called in a meeting. They will be asked this question ” if not you who else will you prefer amongst your colleague aspirants to be the flag bearer? “. The aspirants with the highest count of support from the competing aspirants will be the winner. Will this cause a problem? NO. I think this has been done in the dinner at wudu hotel tonite. I hope we will get the name tmrw. Lontha Karabai._____________________________________

It’s 02:40 o’clock.
Taking my final round around the City of Makeni before the name, the ruling party’s presidential candidate, is announced/selected.
There’s still vehicular traffic jam here. Pedestrian traffic is unbelievably congested. And bars and cafes exceed their limits. This looks like a city in a till-day-break (TDB) party mood.
My suspicion? It’s like the Mayor, Sunkarie Kamara Kabba, Paramount Chief or whoever, advised Makeni residents to avoid physical fight. I’ve witnessed at least four situations that would have ended up in bloody noses; but wait … there’s always an intervention that talks sense into heads. What do you think?
It feels like magic.
Pleasant dreams!!! Claudia Anthony

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