Emerson : Is he another sam Bockarie in the making ?


Does Emmerson Bockarie wants to become another Sam Bockarie (aka) Mosquito in Sierra Leone because he wants to make quick money at the expense of the hard earned peace in the country? Or he wants to turn the country upside down again like present South Sudan, Somalia and Congo, while he will be living in America with his family safely? While the poor people that he is seemingly professing to be fighting for killing one another for the mess that he may creates because of money?  Why hot money maker musicians and hungry political power tribalist politicians like to take advantage of our poor vulnerable and defenseless illiterate or semi-illiterate people in the country? Does Emerson know the danger of promoting tribalism and regionalism in a country? Or does he just want to please his gullible kith and kin in the country at the expense of the nation’s peace and stability?





However, Emmerson might have been thinking that the only way he could make a very quick hot blood money was, by promoting tribalism and regionalism at the expense of the poor Sierra Leoneans that he was pretending to be fighting for in his current inciting “Kokobeh”album. However, he might have had also been thinking good for the country’s progress and development. That was why he was trying to wake up APC government to do more for the poor people of Sierra Leone.

But nonetheless, knowingly or unknowingly in my view, he was doing it at the detriment of the very vulnerable Sierra Leoneans’ lives that he was seemingly fighting for,  as the case may be in South Sudan and our past ugly civil war in the country. When Foday Sankoh and others RUF rebels wanted to promote their selfish and greedy political ambition they said they were fighting for the poor innocent people of Sierra Leone. But during the war, it was the very poor and powerless Sierra Leoneans that lost their precious lives and properties.


The current  Southern Sudan conflict, just within 10 days period of fighting, over 10,000 peoples’  valuable  lives were alleged to have been destroyed and over 20,000  innocent  poor Southern Sudanese  and children were been displaced according to report. If you are to ask questions who and who died within that very short period and who and who that have been displaced? They will definitely going to tell you that it is the very poor people or tribesmen and women that the political power hungry rebel/s that he alleged to be fighting for.

By claiming that his people were been marginalized just because he wanted to fulfill his selfish political power thirsty dream. They were the very defenseless Sudanese that lost their lives and others were been displaced with their children. While the very rebel/s that was shouting to be fighting for his/ their poor people or tribesmen and women, their families currently are not in Sudan at this present trying time that the innocent and powerless people of Southern Sudan are going through because of the mess  that he has created for them. The rebel families and close relatives might currently be in the western world enjoying themselves. While the poor people with their children are currently dying in the country because of his hungry for political power.

Another simple example is our past 11years useless and crazy brutal civil war that claimed thousands of poor Sierra Leoneans lives and children in the country. When such war was created by unpatriotic politicians and undercover tribalists, who and who that died most? Who and who that been displaced most?  Who and who that lost their children, relatives and good friends? How many politicians’ and musicians that died or lost their children and relatives during that war in the country? None, the bulk number of Sierra Leoneans whose lives and children that perished was the poor, powerless, pennyless and defenseless people in the country. Others legs and hands were amputated while others were burnt alive, because of the mess been created by wicked and unpatriotic corrupt politicians and undercover regional tribalists. All of them ran away to Guinea, Liberia, Ghana, Europe, America and Australia leaving their innocent and poor fellow Sierra Leoneans killing themselves with their children.

If you think I am joking or telling a fairytale, can someone tell me or the world where SLPP politicians went to, to save their lives and children when AFRC kicked them out from power in May 25, 1997?  January 6 fame, particularly in Freetown, how many politicians and musicians that died?  None, where did they leave the poor penniless/centless, powerless and defenseless fellow Sierra Leoneans? They left them at the mercy of the RUF/Junta rebels and ECOMOG to decide their faith. While at the sometime they were shouting in their hiding places “ECOMOG kill them. They are all rebels in Sierra Leone, especially in Freetown.” Can you emerging?

Fellow Sierra Leoneans, do you want to forget so soon because of tribalist power hungry politicians, musicians and regionalists that are still trying to fool you again at the expense of your precious lives and children?

Always when  unpatriotic political power hungry politicians want to achieve their political ambition dream by all costs they will start to shout about tribalism and marginalization against their tribesmen and women as we have them in the country in order to brain wish/fool them. For example, they will go around and telling their poor people that “you have being marginalized. You have not being provided electricity, you have not being provided water supply, the healthcare facilities were only being provided for their tribesmen.”  So I am the warrior for you to fight against this tribalism and marginalization, therefore, I need your support.”

They will be preaching such ungodly Bibliomania messages of hate and division to create more enmity amongst Sierra Leoneans with the aim of fulfilling their selfish and greedy satanic political dreams.  Because they know that their kith and kin are too gullible as a result, they can easily persuade them. Even though they know that such hate sermons will create or stair up unrest situation in the country.  And that will lead to the loss of poor innocent, powerless and defenseless lives, especially those of the vulnerable children and young people that they are brainwashing.  They just don’t care about that.  What they want is to achieve their diabolic political plan by all means at the detriment of the nation. Because to them political power is more important than the valuable lives of their poor and needy fellow Sierra Leoneans in the country.

However, I will not have enough time to mention the numerous APC six years’ achievements that enemies of peace, progress and development bent to destroy through the promotion of tribalism and regionalism. The only thing I will have to say is that, to compare APC six years’ achievements in the country with those of SLPP 11 years in power, is like comparing death and dream. Therefore, I will only give you a current example of how the six years performance of APC government outweigh the former SLPP government 11years corrupt misruled. Let us go back to our recent archives and read what the MCC said about the APC government performance. Even though when they had failed the government because of corruption but they did appreciate the great efforts been made by the government in the country in terms of development.

Simply means if they were dissatisfied with the APC government performance, they would have had withdrawn their support completely from the country. But they knew that corruption in the country was a spill over issue to APC government from SLPP because the same corrupt Sierra Leoneans that had been working with SLPP government, most of them are currently working with the APC government. Therefore, MCC members are still more than willing to support the Ernest Koroma New APC government to see that they win the next Millennium Challenge Corporation package. Which I think every patriotic and progress loving Sierra Leoneans should be happy and proud of for such very good achievements.

However, truly speaking as honest human being, I am enjoying some of Emmerson’s music because of their lyrics. Particularly as a Sierra Leone community radio FM-88.9 broadcaster in Sydney, Australia, I always play his music, especially Borbor Belle. I love it because it has no tribal or regional inciting sentiments in it. When he sang how our brothers and sisters politicians and senior civil servants took the country to be their personal farm at the expense of the poor speechless Sierra Leoneans during the SLPP government 11 years corrupt administration. Now they want to tell the people or the world that, they were saints and angels. Therefore, they were not corrupt during their period of rule.

You can get us in Sydney on www.radioskidrow.org.au. Or you can call us on 612-9550552. Our program starts at 7pm to 9pm Australian Time every Saturday night. It is mainly based on Krio language as a Sierra Leone community radio program, although sometimes we mix it with English for non Sierra Leoneans who are highly interested in listening to our program because of our language and presentation.

Therefore, I will like to make one point clear that I have no qualms with those who criticized the APC government, especially those who criticized it constrictively. For the fact that those who are running it are human beings therefore, they are liable to do mistake/s along the line. As a result, any patriotic and progress loving Sierra Leoneans will like to see the country move forward by pointing out such  mistakes for correction.

However, such correction should be done in good faith, including honesty; peace and love. But not by promoting tribalism, regionalism or hate messages that will lead the country into another crisis at the expense of our poor and defenseless people, as if we did not learn any good lesson from RUF rebel war that destroyed thousands of poor innocent lives and properties. Our poor and powerless people have nowhere to go with their children in any time of crisis for the safety of their lives, while politicians and musicians have places to go, especially Guinea, Liberia and America with their money to go and enjoy themselves with their families.

Therefore, I am completely against those who promote tribalism, hatred, regional sentiments, and division in any shape or form amongst Sierra Leoneans in and out of the country. Our people in the country are vulnerable therefore they are too easy to be carried away by emotion at the expense of their own precious lives and children. In view of that we need no one to manipulate them at this point in time. They should live in peace to manage their lives in the country.

As I said, always when the power hungry Pa-O-Pa politicians want to achieve their selfish political power bloodthirsty, they use tribalism, regionalism and hate messages as their tools or leathers to claim to the top, regardless of the consequences of such unpatriotic process. Therefore, any peace, progress and development oriented Sierra Leoneans should stand tall to wage war against such people in and out of the country to save the valuable lives of our poor innocent and defenseless people and those of their children.

In view of that, whether Emmerson is guilty or not about the allegations been levied against him in connection with his being too tribalistic and too bias against President Koroma’s APC government. I have four charges against him based on the allegations with justifications of such charges.

  1. “Yesterday Betteh Pas Tiday” album was not timely by then, to compare the three years  of APC in power performance  with that of 11 years government rule and make judgment against the three years government. That was a hasty unfair and bias decision against APC government.
  2.  His failure to go and receive his prestigious award indicates that, he was having something in his sleeve against the APC government to destroy it, which he has just showed recently in his “Kokobeh” album. Because even if he was having something against APC government, he should have gone to receive such honorable award with respect as patriot and still releases his album. It would have been difficult to charge him for hatred or for being biased against the APC government. But it’s like he listens too much to his kith and kin tribalist advisers that hate peace, progress and development in the country.
  3.  “Kokobeh” is a tribally inciting album. He failed to tell or give us or the whole world the number of Temnes in higher government positions in each Ministry and parastatals than the Mendes as he said in his album that only the Temnes are being employed by the APC government.   Before he should have had come to such dangerous damaging tribalistic conclusion, he should have had been able to give a proper statistical data through good research process to prove his allegation/s in his album against APC government.  But no statistics or data which means he willfully decided to base his tribalism perception inciting album on sentiment to create conflict in the country.
  4. By basing his tribalism lyrics “Kokobeh” album conclusion on the premise that, if we could honestly say the truth, all of us knew that when SLPP was in power only the Mendes were been employed. So when the APC comes to power they are also doing the same, according to his damaged control statement during his interview with “Sierra Express Media”. In my view, he sounded like someone who does not even know what is really happening in the country. As such, he only live/depending  on hear saying or guess work , especially on what his kith and kin tells him in order to make quick hot money at the expense of the hard earned peace in the country.

Even the Pa-O-Pa SLPPs are also being making such similar unsubstantiated statistical inciting and dangerous hatred statements, that the Mendes were being sacked from their jobs. They normally make such satanic divisive statements in order to gain sympathy from their kith and kin men at the expense of the hard earned peace and the current ongoing development in the country. They never honestly told the people if that was the case that the Mendes were been dismissed from their jobs.  Why some of them were been kicked out from their jobs, whether for their unpatriotic corrupt habit, sabotage or for their lawlessness and indiscipline that was why they were been bolted out. They always give fake reasons to the public and the world for their dismissals to create uneasy situation in the country. They never said they were been sacked because of their corrupt practices or for their inefficient.  Because their aim is like to create division amongst Sierra Leoneans and stair up conflict in the country through such unpatriotic attitudes and behavior for their want of political power by all costs.

Honestly speaking when SLPP was in power, it was very hard to hear too much about Temne, Temne or Limba-Temne or Mende, Mende business. Why now? Can anyone tell me or the world? Thank God the Temnes are one of the most peaceful, open, friendly and accommodating ethnic groups in the country. And above all they are people with very long patience than any other tribe in the country. Therefore, they are very difficult to manipulate by any tribalist, regionalist politicians or musicians. Even thought when they have never one day rule Sierra Leone but they have NO problem with that. They are always willing to give their support to any good leader in the country regardless of the tribe of that leader. Anyone can agree or disagree with me on these statements but the hard facts remain to be.

Please, please I am appealing to my Sierra Leonean people all over the world, especially those in Sierra Leone not to listen or encourage those who promote tribalism and regionalism in the

country. Such people are enemies of peace, progress and development of the nation. In view of that philosophically, they are manipulators in the country to achieve their clandestine Babylonian plans against the government and the nation.

Mind you, especially you the poor Sierra Leoneans in the country; if you do listen to them or encourage them, trust me, you are digging your graves. While you will be killing your fellow poor innocent Sierra Leonean brothers and sisters they (the politicians and musicians) tribal and regional promoters will run to Guinea, Liberia to claim Liberian citizenship and American. It is an open secret that many of them have more than one passport, while you the poor do not have even one.

If you think I am still lying to you, when Emmerson knew the damaged he had caused through the production of his “Kokobeh” tribalism album, according to information he sneaked into Sierra Leone to take his family to America, so that Father forbid it, if there would be any crisis in the country because of his tribalistic “Kokobeh” album, he and his family are safe in America eating good food while you will be ruing into the bush to go and eat raw bush food with diseases and sickness.

“Den say if u nor play with duti tin u nor go smell u han”. Why Emmerson went to Sierra Leone and took his son to America if it was really true? Is Emmerson in self exile because he is afraid of his shadow?

My poor and defenseless Sierra Leoneans, especially the youths please be aware and be alert in the country. Do not allow unpatriotic, selfish and greedy fellow Sierra Leoneans political power hungry politicians and musicians to misuse you again as they did before.

To Emmerson and Co., I will like to tell you that our vulnerable people prefer to live in perfect peace with their children and love ones in poverty as you claimed to be than living in a war situation that will make them loose their valuable lives, children, relatives, good friends, respect, dignity and properties in the country while you will be enjoying with you family in America. Our poor people need no tribalism and regionalism savior at this time of the country’s gradual development.


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