EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW : APC Secretary General assures partisans all over the world that party is intact , unified and focused on continuing to move the nation forward


The Secretary  General of the ruling All People’s Congress ( APC) , Ambassador Osman Foday Yansaneh, has assured partisans all over the world that the party is intact, increasingly unified and focused on bringing the Ebola outbreak to an end so that it would continue rhe implementation of the APC Government’s Agenda For  Prosperity and matters pertaining to the forthcoming Local, Legislative and Presidential elections.

The eloquent APC National scribe gave the assurance during an exclusive interview this evening with the Publisher and CEO of the COCORIOKO Newspaper, Rev. Leeroy Wilfred Kabs-Kanu.



In recent times , the rank and file of the party has been surprised   by a letter alleged to have been written by a member of the National Executive Council, Dr. Jengo Stevens, to the Secretary General,  which prompted a swift response from the Chair of a disciplinary committee formed within NAC ,  Former Information Minister , Mr. I.B. Kargbo, who is now an adviser to the President on media matters.  Ambassador Yansaneh took the opportunity this evening to allay the concerns of partisans by assuring them that the APC remains a united party focused on moving Sierra Leone forward. He said the exchange of letters between Dr. Jengo Stevens and Mr. I.B. Kargbo was  a  misunderstanding  which the party will resolve.

He said the committee headed by Mr. I.B. Kargbo was formed by members of NAC to handle problems of indiscipline within the party . Ambassador Yansaneh also said that , according to the manner the party was being run , executive members dissatisfied with any matter had the right to summon an emergency meeting of NAC, which would be held as long as there is a quorum. This opportunity granted executive members to summon an emergency meeting negated the necessity of any of them writing a letter to him as Secretary General or the Chair about their grievances , since the NAC was empowered to listen to the concerns of executive members. and act on them

The letter by Dr. Jengo Stevens was not addressed to the Chairman of the party, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma per se, as being peddled in the social media but to him in his capacity as Secretary General for the attention of the Chairman , but he did not expect  that such a letter  was  meant for public consumption. Ambassador Yansaneh said that he was surprised  to hear that other people received it and when the GLOBAL TIMES  newspaper published it, he was further surprised .  He stated that he asked Dr. Stevens whether he sent the letter to GLOBAL TIMES , and  he denied doing so and therefore when the newspaper called him to interview him  on the matter he told the paper that he had nothing to say about the letter. Ambassador Yansaneh further clarified that his personal assistant responded to Dr. Stevens  on his behalf.

Ambassador Yansaneh assured partisans all over the world that this incident was not indicative of any schism within the APC.  “I want to assure all our supporters all over the world that we remain united and focused on bringing a speedy end to the Ebola outbreak so we can continue implementing the Agenda For Prosperity and plans for the forthcoming Local, Legislative and Presidential elections . Members just have to learn to address their concerns through the appropriate channels  ”

But Ambassador Yansaneh warned strongly that the APC , being a party of  law and order , will not tolerate any divisive acts from any member, high or low. He warned that appropriate action will be taken against acts that threaten the unity and cohesiveness of the party. “We do not want any disunity in the APC. Anybody who sows the seeds of disunity and chaos within the party will be severely disciplined” , he warned . “We will not allow anybody to divert the attention of the party from its lofty goals of bringing socio-economic and political development to the people of Sierra Leone. ”

Ambassador Yansaneh warned  that the committee headed by Mr. I.B. Kargbo will crack down on indiscipline within the party . He admonished members of the party to remain law-abiding and to abide by the constitution and the bye-laws of the party.


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