Former VP Sam Sumana has nothing to expose


After being whupped constitutionally and in the Supreme Court , what has Sam SUMANA to expose about this government ? Some poor journalist just wants to make him feel good.

When I saw the headline in one of our news outlets, I just laughed because I knew that it was just shallow and gutter journalism at play once again.

First of all, it cannot be true that the Vice-president of Ghana or the government did what the news outlets reported because it would have been out of diplomatic protocol and against the spirit of the cordial relationship existing between the West African nations of Ghana and Sierra Leone.


Sierra Leone and Ghana have enjoyed fraternal relations since the colonial days and during our war Ghana was one of the countries that sent troops to help us fight the rebels.
The two countries are also bound by cultural , social and economic relations. It is therefore not possible that the VP of Ghana or his government invited and gave a platform to Sam SUMANA to badmouth President Koroma and our government .
Some of these newspaper reporters should go back to school to study Diplomacy , International Relations and International Politics .
Firstly, sovereign and friendly nations are bound by certain international protocols and obligations to one another. It would have also been a diplomatic abnormality and an act against the spirit of the UN Charter and the principles of the AU and ECOWAS binding the international relations between sovereign nations, especially the principle of non-interferance in the internal affairs of other countries if Ghana had done what the paper is suggesting. It is a big lie.

Sam may have gone to Ghana on his own and of course he is free to talk to the media but not at the behest and agreement of the Government of Ghana, except African nations do not adhere any more to international law, rules and protocol. .

Secondly, Sam SUMANA has no secrets of the government to expose because the Ernest Koroma Government is a government of accountability and transparency .

President Koroma has made it explicitly clear that he does not harbor any intentions to run for a third term. He also has no skeletons in the cupboard . His human rights records are impeccable and he has one of the best records in Africa for the promotion of freedom of speech and other fundamental constitutional rights of the people. We have no political detainees and no secret politically-inspired killings take place in our country. The President has satisfactorily explained the mechanism of the EBOLA funds. So what secrets did Sam have to expose? You cannot expose secrets that are not available. Do you ?

Everything in that article is a figment of the imagination of the writer, one reason that most of our news outlets are held in derision and ridicule these days.

Sierra Leone is a sovereign country and once we do not engage in serious violation of human rights, genocide and other acts that threaten international peace and security, we owe no nation an explanation for the handling of our internal affairs.

The quality of journalism in Sierra Leone has gone to the dogs so do not expect anything better from some of our so-called journalists. It is a fabricated story that is an embarrassment to even the former VP because he is being portrayed inadvertently as a mere blabbermouth and a loose cannon.

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