Project Officer Global Rights Partners for Justice,
Joe Pemagbi has described corruption as the
“cankerworm,” which has destroyed the fabric of the
nation. Speaking during a stakeholders workshop on
Anti-Corruption held at the United Nations High
Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) conference hall in

 Mr. Pemagbi said that the 1996 and 2002 General
Elections were geared towards creating checks and
balances while pointing out that corruption is not
only found in Government offices but also in homes and

He noted that his organisation was formed
20 years ago to empower local advocate and that they
continue to do work with various civil society groups
and local Organisations The programme, he disclosed
was organised by Global Rights Partners with funding
from USAID to assist in the fight against corruption.
The Chairman at the occasion, Cecilia Mattia also
spoke of the adverse effect corruption has on the
society in general and noted that there is now a
fairly high level of awareness on corruption.

She pointed to the fact that corruption in other areas
apart from Government circles are most times seriously
overlooked. Speaking on research done in the Kono
district, National Forum for Human Rights team leader,
Alfred Carew said that 90 % of the people he spoke to
expressed dissatisfaction about the mining going on in
the district.

He also added that the community is not
benefiting from what they referred to as Gems. Mr.
Carew called on Government to address issues of
environmental degradation, education and child labour
in the country. Human Rights Officer in UNAMSIL, Kwame
Anno-Kumi commended Global Rights Partners for Justice
on their initiative and advised them to form a
monitoring group at the end of their deliberations.

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