High Court frees Foday Sankoh’s girl friend and cook



By Chernor Ojuku Sesay
Wednesday January 11, 2006
Presiding High court Judge Patrick Hamilton yesterday acquitted and discharged Victoria Balaba and a cook Jestina Davies.
 Victoria Balaba is believed to be the late Foday Sankoh’s girl friend while Jestina was his cook.  Judge Hamilton in his ruling said that the two accused women were not involved in the alleged shooting and killing of demonstrators. He further said that no witnesses came forward to testify against the two accused women since the matter started.
The defence lawyer, Osho William thanked the judge for his fearless ruling.
It should be recalled that on May 8 2000, a demonstration against the late Foday Sankoh resulted in the death of many people. 57 RUF personnel were arrested in the process and held responsible for the shooting and murder amongst other charges.  The trial continue

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