Hon. Chernor Bah Storms Bombali with a Message of Hope and Positive Transformation from Dr. Samura*


Hon. Chernor Bah Storms Bombali with a Message of Hope and Positive Transformation from Dr. Samura*

Bombali was Hon. Chernor Bah’s next port of call in fulfilment of his assignment to relay to the people the message of the APC Presidential candidate Dr. Samura Kamara.

This visit to Bombali by the APC Vice Presidential candidate came hard on the heels of similar successful visits to Port Loko and Kambia districts. The man who has known little or no rest in his quest to reach out to the citizenry, lighted out of Freetown this morning for the all important district of Bombali.


The Vice presidential candidate and team sprang into action immediately they arrived Makeni by embarking on a door to door voter education or sensitization campaign.

Having satisfactorily accomplished his job by way of reaching out to residents of Makeni City, the wheels of the vehicles constituting the retinue of the Vice president in waiting were screeching on the tarmac of the highway. Hon. Chernor Bah visited Kamabai, Manjoro, Paki Masabong, Binkolo and Kamasigi, and en route to those towns and villages, he made several stopovers in other areas to reciprocate the many cheers from locals.

Hon. Chernor Bah and team were received by Paramount chiefs of the areas. He and his team observed the Zhur prayer in Manjoro.

He informed the people in the various places he visited and spoke about the positive development strides undertaken by President Koroma in their areas and challenged them to reciprocate such benevolence by voting for Dr. Samura. He added that this is not time for them to relax their guard but to sustain the tempo of development so as to enable Sierra Leone keep company with civilized nations.

Hon. Bah expressed Dr. Samura’s aversion to violence describing him as the man who is specially cut out for the Presidential task. He asked the people to ensure that they collect their voter ID cards so as to give them the opportunity and privilege to vote for the APC. He encouraged them to vote the APC with a view to maintaining the rapid development trajectory that the country is on. He described progress under the APC as steady, remarkable and sustainable and declared a “Pay Back” time campaign.

Hon. Bah narrated a brief but rich history of Dr. Samura and recommended him for the top job. He furthered that he was a quintessence or embodiment of President Koroma’s desire to see young people at the helm of political affairs and vowed that he will never depress.

In all the places visited, chiefs and residents spoke in unison expressing appreciation to the APC for the visible or palpable developments in infrastructure and electricity and spoke about the many supports they have received from Hon. Bah in the religious sphere. The people therefore overwhelmingly pledged their dogged support to the APC and promised to pay back on March 7 by voting Tolongbo 100%.

The Fula Community in the Northern region expressed gratitude to the APC for the respect accorded them in choosing one of their own flesh and blood as a vice presidential candidate. They assured Hon. Bah that they have burnt all the bridges behind and were now only focused on voting Dr. Samura and the APC.

Hon. Bah visited the Wusum Field, the APC party office in Makeni, Mabenteh and Makoth and was accompanied on those visits by the APC regional chairman, the district chairman and his executive and members of the campaign team.

It is to Hon. Bah’s superb credit that his character has developed and has endeared him to many for whom he has done and has promised to do so much. Until Samura’s dreams are realized, he has promised not to rest.

Chericoco 4 Samura Media Team

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