Hon. Chernor R. M. Bah Takes Dr. Samura’s Message to Towns and Villages in Kambia*

Having delivered the message of and about Dr. Samura Kamara in Port Loko yesterday, APC Vice Presidential candidate Hon. Chernor Bah, this morning hit the highway for the neighbouring district of Kambia to give the people their own full dose of the unique message he has from and about Samura.

The Vice President in waiting, who was dressed for the job of visiting every nook and cranny of the District, was accorded a standing ovation in Kambia as people lined up major streets to have a glance of the man they believe carries the weight of youths on his shoulders.

After addressing a mammoth gathering in Kambia, Hon. Bah and entourage set out on a tour of towns and villages in different chiefdoms in the district. The towns and villages visited were Thonko, Madina, Kukuna Susu, Kabaya, Kamasasa, Kamabala, to name but few.

In all the areas visited, Hon. Bah had one unique message for the people: he was there to give them the message of and or about the APC Presidential candidate Dr. Samura Kamara and to assure them of Government’s commitment towards continuing with developments in that part of the country. He described Kambia district as a very important district and promised to harness its agricultural and human resource potentials.

Hon. Bah gave a biography of Dr. Samura Kamara and described him as the fittest in the state house chasing pack. He maintained that his boss is a repository of administrative and economic knowledge and gave the people the confidence that having him as their next president will be one of the greatest things they would have done for themselves and their children.

Addressing concerns raised by the people in respect of the Kambia – Madina road, the dynamic young man noted with delight that Government has signed the project with the Arab Bank and told them that work will soon commerce on the project. He praised President Koroma for his innovative and enviable leadership which has seen the country enjoy a face-lift in infrastructure and electricity in particular and spoke of the great strides made in other sectors.

The APC Vice Presidential candidate appealed to the people to be law abiding and to go out on polling day to cast their votes for the APC. According to Hon. Bah, the APC is a party that cares for the citizenry and it is this posture of thought that informed the naming of the party’s manifesto as Government for Grassroots (G4G). He concluded by informing the people that it was with a view to making them know that the manifesto touches at the very crux of their aspirations, that he was sent by his boss to take the message down to them and to make them own their own development.

Hon. Bah was accompanied by a galaxy of dignitaries including but not limited to Alhaji,Ambassador, Dr Osman Foday Yansaneh National Secretary General APC, Dr Sam Sesay, Hon. Bai Mahmoud Bangura, Alie Conteh, Abubakarr Kamara Taylor, Hon. Buya Kamara, Lawyer Karrow Kamara, Ambassador Feremusu Conteh, Chairman Mustapha H Koroma of APC UK/Ireland and the District chairman.

So far, Hon. Bah has largely impressed on his tour and has given a decent account of his boss and himself to the electorate.

©Chericoco 4 Samura Media Team

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