Human rights violations and mass political intimidation in Tonko Limba Chiefdom


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In constituency 058, Ward 196, the loss of the APC party Councilor Ibrahim Kelley Conteh caused the bye-election that has caused numerous Human Rights violation with unbelievable mass political intimidation.

On the 28th September, 2018, the bye-election for Ward 196, constituency 058 was held. The bye-election portraid the locality as modern orchestrated battlefield. However, i thought about such situations considering the daily events with blatant violation of Human Rights in broad daylight. What surprised the eye witnesses on the scene was the political intimidation that was tagged with the Human Rights violation that took place.

Subsequently more than a fraction of the local residents had to flee to the forests and bushes in search of safety. Going back it was clearly known that the above mentioned area was an APC stronghold from origin and even under the late former president Pa. Kabba’s administration.This place is always seen to be an APC safety seat regardless of all the odds. On that fateful day strange activities vehicles, armed personnel, hired armed macinaries, strange voters, ETC were seen.The full power of the armed macinaries paramdulating with their napsacks (Popo-bags) thundered untold mystery on the poor and innocent residents. It was like a nuclear war fare. Some officials of the ruling party were all over the place passing instructions under the protection of state forces and hired, armed mercinaries that were bramdishing their weapons.

It started with the clash over a lady identified as a none resident that causes the state forces to havazardly shoot out teargas on the residents and ended up with a horrible spray of live bullets that so far has causes the death of more than three residents. Many more suffer major injury whilst others are seeking medical attention in hiding. A lot of looting and atrocities took place by the representatives of the running party.

Major political intimidation took place at a village called “Mile 14” where the massive APC supporters had to be baricated to prevent them from participating in the bye-elections. What could this mean? Is this not disenfranchising the people? The chaos made that station to be closed about 2:00pm. One of the elections boxes was kicked by a security of the highest personnel of NEC and causequitantly, that area has to be voided.The same security personnel was answer aledged to have been the shooter that killed a resident. The former MP’s of the same constituency 058, Hon. P. L. Kargbo was severelly molested and the present Hon. Alusine .O. Kamara was not allowed to monitor and move at all.

In the village called Kayankainsah, an APC party agent named Baimba Kosma Kargbo agent was seriously beaten under a command from the current Northern Residential Minister resulting the victim in an intensive medical attention.He is presently being hospitalized. The Masunthu residents saw many buses, pick up trucks and sports utility vehicles fully loaded with imported voters they never saw before. Most of the illigal voters were identifies by local youths and they were apprehended by the police.The desperate resistance of the local youths signaled the head of NEC’s security to shoot live bullets that killed some of the residents._
The concluded, the bye-election was regarded as a stale-mate and NEC had to declared it to be void. Was this out of vendatta or simply a revenge for what happened in the past at Bonthe council councilor election that got the APC party to be victorious?

The residents cries land for seeing people with a strange dialect performing such atrocities that they had to exodus to the bushes and forest area leaving behind their previous domicile and property. They are asking all about for the where about of the Human Rights Movements, Eections Watch Organizations, Journalists or could possibly explain why such must take place in their communities. They want the international organizations to explain about the massive loss of lives of innocent and peaceful civilians. Presently, the people wonder whether the international organizations could provide them with security on the next election period acute feeding assistance, health care, ETC. As the majority are scattered in hiding at the bushes.The people are threatened that their villages will be completely burned down and more of them will be tortured, rapered, maimed and killed.

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As political tension continue to mount in constituency 058, ward 196, Masuntoh town, this area and other voting areas are currently under political intimidation, haraasment and violence.

But this district had always been safe seat or landslides victory of the indomitable APC since the days of origin which included the late Pa. Kabba regime. The APC councilor Vondor won the council seat at Bonthe, he became the victor under the indomitable APC ticket at the home district of President Bio, deputy speakers of Parliament, FS and many political hierarchy of the SLPP originated from that district, but it was without no political intimidation or harassment that took place there, so why Tonko now, let SLPP allow our people to express their political franchise by voting peacefully and amicably than violating their basic human rights values and principles.

Unknown and unidentified thugs, neither residing there, having bags on their back, disguising their face, and no identification to identify them, they loaded in more than seven to eight vehicles deploy with thugs at Masunthu town within the surrounding of the four polling stations.The police force are reluctantly initimated, muscled and restricted to made any arrest from SLPP thugs imported to Kambia district, and they are now firing live teargas at Masunthu town to frighten innocent people people who want to vote to return back at their home, i decided to dudge the area for my own safety, because the mandate came from a supreme executive order or power from above.

An incident occur in front of me, where the proactive task force youths of Masunthu town discovers a voter who has already voted for SLPP, that she was not residing in their town or section, and they complain to me by saying, vehicle having government number plate is moving up and down with people transporting them to vote and after voting they return with them back.

These are some of the mini-buses imported with SLPP thugs spear headed by Manso Dumbuya from Freetown to vote in Tonko bye elections.

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