I am disappointed in Ambassador Leigh

First_Name:  Dr. Baimba
Last_Name:  Kamara, (LAW)
Email_Address:  baimbak1@aol.com
Address:  7803 Candle green Ln.
City:  Houston
State:  Texas
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Even though I have not met or talked to ambassador Leigh, yet he is one of those Sierra Leoneans I have always admired, respected and held in high esteem.

How ever, I am very disturbed when he called majority Sierra Leoneans as low grade noise makers..Yes, Mr. Leigh, majority of our market men and women in Sierra Leone did not complete high school or attend college. Does that mean that they are not Sierra Leoneans or important?

You further mentioned that the supporters of PMDC are san-san boys,honda drivers, car washers and ex-conbatants, or in general, hoodlums. Sir, is it not the duty of the present leadership to care for every  Sierra

Frankly, Sir, are you very satisfied with the way that country is governed today; in relation for the sierra Leoneans  getting their very basic necessities? Mr.Leigh, these people are doing san-san work, driving honders, washing cars  etc. because our government has not deliver any thing for them; the SLPP government has not given them any hope.

Mr. Leigh, have you not being one of those who has always been fighting for rights of the people of Sierra Leone? Why are you suddenly diverting your good cause? Or does this mean that Sierra Leoneans have two John Leighs?

You indicated that Charles Margai is not a factor in Sierra Leone:Let us talk about a political factor in Sierra Leone. You and Charles Margai, who is not a political factor in Sierra Leone? Let me just recall your attention to the SLPP Makeni conbention:Is it not true that you were not even nominated at the Makeni SLPP conbention? Were you not double crossed by the SLPP?

Charles Margai was nominated and even got votes from the SLPP Makeni convention. What political factor are we talking about here? Mr. Leigh, is Charles Margai not a Sierra Leonean? If the answer is yes, then, is it not true that every Sierra Leonean has a right to contest for the Presidency?

Was it not the same right you were exercising in the SLPP Makeni conbention when you were bruised aside?Mr. Leigh, I was one of those who salently supported you for your quest for the presidency, and was hurt by the treatment against you. Yet, we all should stop bruishing each other aside.I would strongly hope that you repharse your statement you made about the low grade Sierra Leoneans, otherwise it will politically hunt you in the future.

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