Wednesday February 1, 2006

First_Name:  Saidu Winston
Last_Name:  Sesay
Email_Address:  swsesay@yahoo.com
Address:  4328 snowcrest lane
City:  raleigh
State:  nc
Zip_Code:  27616
Comments:  I wish to extend my gratitude to your esteem publication for considering & posting my opinion on your webpage. Despite the image potrayed out there  about sierra leone in the international arena-being ranked close to the distal spectrum of the living index  which is sobering,  & i feel saddened about this label,I still feel proud to identify myself as a sierra leonean .

Sierra leone without a doubt is endowed with vast resources – human& minerals,fertial land,marine  life to name a few .All these are prerequisites for the development of any nation . I  can,t help being perplexed as to why these resources haven,t been utilized for the benefit of the average citizen . sometimes i wonder if Sir MILTON MARGAI- such a noble son of the soil could be around today to see sierra leone .WILL what he see today make him proud , taking into account his selfless efforts & ideals he fostered to wards making our country  a sovereign state

Inspite of our natural resources a viable vehicle for sustainable development is attitudinal change &the fEAR of GOD on the part of every citizen starting from the leadership to the “dragman” on the streets.We waste no time in cas tigating our leaders but have we taken time to do some self assessment& recrimination only then would we come to the realization that we also bear some blame and responsibility for the present condition of our country. Are we only going to be content with being armchair critics ,sitting back without contributing meaningfully towards the development of sierra leone .What have you done lately for your country?
I remain positive about the land of the majestic lion mountains .It is time we start taking pride in our country & cultivate some nationalistic spirit in our psyche.Fly the green,white &blue with pride.
One school of thought justifies unpatriotic actsof corruption as the byproduct of hardship but i don,t necessarily ascribe to this view.I have always regarded corrupt acts no matter the  situation or circumstance as dishonesty and it carries the same humiliation  and impact as that of a petty thief in the market being chased with chants of “thief,thief” Any time you decide to give or take a bribe please have this mental picture in your mind.

I salute the resilience of sierraleoneans and thier ability to forgive the most brutal atrocities ever meted out on a people.I am proud of the uniqueness of religious tolerance and intermarriages amongts the various ethnicities . one needs to travel to neigbouring African countries you will understand the point iam trying to make.I believe despite the brutality of the war our ability as a nation to heal might be attributed partly to the fact that the war was not fought ontribal lines or religious differences as these factors usually have the tendencies of carrying on to future generations .

ON few nostalgic trips back home from  overseas i always catch my breath when the ferry approaches freetown from the sea and the panoramic view of the mountains comes in sight,i just can,t help but admire how beautiful our country is.The natural beauty of sierra leone is second to none in africa. Hong Kong has  a similar back drop to its gleaming sky scrapers. i HAVE THE CONVICTION THAT SOME DAY IN THE NOT TOO DISTANCE FUTURE FREETOWN would replicate such skkline. Anything is attainable if we work hard in dignity AND UNITY.

Lets endeavour to tolerate each other in peace.Be constructive in your criticism- i,ve noticed the recent exchanges between cocorioko and Awaressness times over the net& I feel encouraged that no matter how heated it may get it is not done through the barrel of a AK-47 or RPG.I indulge everyone to  respect one another . The light at the end of the tunnel is an approachable distance and together we shall  get there with GOD on our side!

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