If Sierra Leoneans do not challenge this government’s repression and atrocities, President Bio will become another Idi Amin


By Kabs Kanu

If we sit down quietly and let President Julius Maada Wonnie Bio become another Idi Amin, we are doomed. If you think the international community, civil society or human rights organizations will act, ah see una far. The International community care only about their economic interests. Once their economic interests are being served and they have access to our natural resources, they do not care if the government breaks your arm or kills you or rapes your constitution. Most of our civil society were SLPP enclaves in disguise and you can see now by their silence as the SLPP tears the country apart.


If what I am saying is not true, answer me : We have foreign embassies and missions in Sierra Leone.We have civil society or human rights organizations . How many have been speaking out since President Julius Maada Bio came to power and introduced junta rule ? How many foreign missions spoke out when SLPP thugs went on the rampage, destroying market stalls and the livelihoods of innocent women at Abacha Street, a provocative act capable of bringing war ?

How many of them uttered a word when SLPP thugs went all over the country shedding innocent blood, beating and killing APC supporters and sympathizers ? How many protested when Bio sent armed police into the well of parliament to beat and drag out innocent MPs who were defending the constitution ? How many have spoken out against the treatment of our ambassadors and diplomats abroad , which is a violation of the Geneva Convention ? How many have spoken out against the summary dismissals of thousands of people who are then replaced by people from one tribe ? They know that these things led to the horrific wars in Rwanda , Liberia and the Congo . They know that Brig. Bio’s junta style of leadership is a threat to peace and stability in Sierra Leone and the sub-region. They will not speak because our welfare does not concern them. Once nobody touches their economic interests, they are fine.

Civil society leaders are waiting to be rewarded by President Bio for fighting the APC by being awarded ambassadorial and diplomatic appointments or mouth-watering contracts.


Therefore, let every Sierra Leonean speak out . In does not matter where you are. SPEAK OUT and protest against the rising dictatorship in Sierra Leone by Brig. Maada Bio.

Bio came to power promising a new direction. But as you can see, the New Direction is only a new nightmare for the people of Sierra Leone. All President Bio has succeeded in doing since coming to power is divide the nation along tribal lines, create more economic hardship, put innocent people out of jobs to create openings for his tribesmen and women, rape the constitution in broad daylight and put fear and despair in the hearts of everybody, save his own people. Bio is a monster and some of us warned you before but you did not listen. You have not seen anything yet. You wait until his feet get established in terra firma.

We must not have another Idi Amin in Sierra Leone and the onus is on you. SPEAK OUT AND PROTEST or one day you will find out that dictatorship has become a way of life in our country amidst excruciating hardships and you will have no way to undo it. Only you can save your own country.

Once you do not tamper with their economic interests, the Western world will not save you.

Britain removed the APC only because it touched their economic and geopolitical interests when it became obsessed with China and Britain feared the astronomical rise in power and influence of the Chinese in Sierra Leone.

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