Imam Ibrahim Conteh commends Nabe’s devotion , despite his illness

One of the Imams of the New Jersey Muslim community , the Chief Imam of  Dawatul Islamia Jamaat, Alhaji Ibrahim Conteh, has praised Community Leader Mr. Aziz Nabe for his devotion to the faith. The Imam was speaking during the special prayer service held in honour of Mr. Nabe , a long-term resident of Somerset, at the Corona Club in New Brunswick, New Jersey .



Alhaji Conteh said that he had known Mr. Nabe for over 20 years. He recalled that Mr. Nabe was the Secretary General and was very instrumental in raising substantial funds for the mosque and also helping them to purchase the building where they now worship. He described Mr. Nabe as a very faithful muslim, who, inspite of his present sickness, never misses a Friday prayer at the mosque.

Alhaji Tani Savage, who broke down and wept bitterly during his presentation, commended Mr. Nabe for his thoughtfulness and generosity. He recalled  the events of over 30 years ago when he learnt that Mr. Nabe was the suitor of his sister , Alima, who is now his wife. He said that Nabe had been a good husband to his sister and that recently when their mother died, he was surprised when Nabe sent the Savage family a contribution . He stated that the whole family was moved because they did not expect somebody who was sick to think about contributing to a funeral.

In his contribution, community activist and Chairman of  the Jamatul-Haq Jamaat , Mr. Ibrahim Deinkeh, recounted interesting experiences he had with Mr. Nabe while both of them were primary school students in Makeni.  He said that Nabe was always defensive of his schoolmates and friends and stood his neck out for them even against their teachers.

Mrs. Admire Gbapi shed tears while recalling how Mr. Nabe had stood out for her as a mentor and father. She said that Nabe provided a lot of moral support and comfort to her when her father was sick.

The participants from Boston –Mr. Abdul Sesay and Alhaji Ibrahim Sie – also offered prayers for Mr. Nabe . Mr. Sesay said he used to be highly impressed by Nabe’s style of dressing when both of them   lived at the East End of Freetown in the early 1980s and he grew up to emulate him .

Dr. Wilfred Bankole Gibson , who also gave a moving statement, said he believed in miracles and he was sure that God will heal Mr. Nabe miraculously. He spoke about how God miraculously healed his son who was born premature (2 lbs) and was hooked up to respiratory and other life-preserving gadgets but today all these gadgets have been removed with the child now physically whole.  A celebrated toast-master at his Masonic Lodge, Dr. Gibson also sent the hall rocking with laughter with some side-bursting jokes.

In his vote of thanks, the moderator of the program, Mr. Sekou Dauda Bangura said that he gained from Mr. Nabe the knowledge he expatiated in his political articles about former Vice-President S.I. Koroma, for which he received commendation from readers.

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