In major blow to President Bio, SLPP supporters declare his first year in power frustrating even to them

SLPP supporters complaining to PRESIDENT BIO that D GRUN DRY and NO JOBSThis happened few hours ago today right inside the SLPP office in Freetown.D grun really dry

Posted by Tunde Scott on Saturday, April 6, 2019


SLPP supporters ,not APC, told President Bio on his first anniversary that Emerson was right to say that DE GRON DRY. This is very serious. The regime’s own people are leading the complaints now.



John Leigh Nothing new here. Slpp is a tribal elitist party that caters to those with traditional power. Those people, like Bio, don’t care for the people and their people eventually complain. It happened beginning in 2003. The elite then cared only for themselves and wickedly practices favoritism. When I correctly complained at party meetings and pushed for answers, I was accused of borku tok.

Soon, this same Emerson came up with a popular song titled 2-Foot Arafat. He was referring to corrupt big belleh Slpp officeholders and favored recipients of fake government contracts. The target politicians did not listen and, instead, accelerated their wutehtehism.

But Southeasterners like Emerson don’t change easily. They have been indoctrinated on the need for unshakeable tribal loyalty from Day One, all thru their Secret Societies days, throughout the rest of their childhood, at school and into adulthood.

Herein lies the reason why one cannot expect good governance from the Slpp. It’s not their culture. But that’s all they want – to govern and protect their elites.

This does not mean Southeasterners do not want good governance. They do as they were during the days of Sir Milton. But they are fearful of the merciless power of despotism in their communities.

Alimamy Kamara We all want peace and development in Sierra Leone but looking at the way things are getting so bad, i wondered how the situation will look next year when they celebrating the end their second year

Sallieu Munu Look at the people that are desperately yearning for jobs! Hmm……are they not middle age faces I’m seeing so? Do you want your mini god, incompetent Bio, to give jobs to some of you that are not qualified or old? Do you want our country to be flooded with grossly incompetent people? These are the folks who don’t want this country to succeed. They only care for themselves, not others or the country. Do you want him to add up to the number of incompetent in his government? Some of you will be like this till he’s kicked out. Idiot!!!

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