In New Jersey, Diaspora Campaign Team presented to President Koroma


President Ernest Bai Koroma said in New Jersey on Sunday that when somebody has faith and belief in the values of an organization and is committed to these values, nothing will distract him. He stated that those who get distracted probably did not have faith and belief in the values espoused by an organization.


The President noted that the values of an organization are very important and when somebody gravitates towards an organization because of its values, it will be difficult for anything to shake him.He therefore advised supporters of the All People’s Congress ( APC ) to have faith, belief and commitment in the values upon which the party’s foundation was built. The APC, President Koroma went on, has a history as a wider establishment and has the common man’s appeal. The APC, he went on, is a party of the common and ordinary man, which is why it is popular. “If you don’t win an election, it is because your party does not have the common man’s appeal.”


President Koroma , continuing his philosophical exposition of  what the APC stands for,  said that after faith and commitment to the party’s values, the next important thing is commitment to the job. He called on members to be committed to whatever they were doing for the APC that would not  only  benefit the party but bring positive changes to the country.  He said  through commitment to the job, you find people coming together with ideas that will bring changes to the country.

The President made these philosophical remarks while meeting with members of the APC Diaspora Campaign Team which was introduced to him in New Jersey before he left for Boston. The Team is chaired  by Mr. Momodu  Bangura , popularly known as M. Bangs , the Public Relations Officer of the Georgia Chapter of the APC . Mr. Bangura said that the group was formed to help devise  campaign  strategies to propel  the APC to victory in  the 2012 Prsidential Elections.

Opening remarks were made by Mr. Foday Mansaray who disclosed the purpose of the meeting. He also introduced Mr.Momodu Bangura who gave President Koroma a comprehensive description of the goals and objectives of the Diaspora Campaign Team. Mr. Bangura said the strategies of the team were designed to ensure that President Koroma wins the 2012 elections at the first ballot without a run-off.

Responding,  President Koroma  postulated that the reason there  are party strongholds is that the rival  party had not campaigned strategically  or changed strategies  in the opposition’s so-called strongholds.” The number of fanatics  will decrease when they are made to  see the good things being done by the other party. ”

President Koroma stressed that the key to any elections victory is effective electioneering campaigns. He denounced violence as a means of winning elections.  ”You don’t use fist fights to convince people to vote for you. You convince them by effective campaigning and addressing the needs of the people. ” The President emphasized that the APC Government does not need violence to win elections because the impressive record of the party speaks for it. President Koroma promised that his government will continue working in the interest of the common man.

He again admonished party members to be more committed and work together for the betterment of the country. He warned them not to do anything for the eye-seeing of men because those who do that will lose.” We will ensure that those who are here to benefit the common man will continue in leadership roles.”  He thanked the Team and assured members that government will support any worthy project that will benefit the people.


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