By Tony Bee, Sydney, Australia

Sometimes one may be too occupied in managing personal and family commitments. Therefore, he or she may not want to precipitate on any debate in our beloved country, Sierra Leone burning issues, particularly political and social issues. But because of the patriotism and nationalism instinct that normally triggers the individuals’ feelings, usually lead them to their pens, papers, laptops and others to the social media to put their thoughts together in order to express their own views.


As a result of that I will continue to ask the question, does Sierra Leone as a country needs a so-call grand coalition at this time or it needs a change of attitudes and behaviours as Sierra Leoneans? The answer to this question depends on what school of thoughts one belongs to in and out of the country.

But for the peace, love, unity, progress and development oriented Sierra Leoneans, they will definitely tell you that there is NO need for that at this point in time. The country does not need an EGO political hungry and thirsty for political power grand coalition at the moment. Particularly a coalition that may be  led by already polluted self-centred egoistic politicians for the past 40-50 years in diverse ways, including bribery and corruption by the  country’s political system.

Therefore, they, the peace, progress and development loving Sierra Leoneans will tell any fellow Sierra Leoneans that what the country needs at this point in time is a change of bad attitude and bad behaviour by Sierra Leoneans if the country is to continue its improvement under the leadership of President Ernest Bai Koroma and his APC.

The hard fact is, all those that are currently shouting, coalition, coalition they never told the people of Sierra Leone why they are clamouring for a change. In my view and like any other sound thinking Sierra Leoneans’ views. These birds of the same feathers Sierra Leonean politicians never gave any strong convincing tangible reason/s why the APC political party and SLPP should be replaced as I said.

However, the only flimsy excuse they normally give is that the two parties are too old to run the country’s affairs. IS that a serious excuse that any wise Sierra Leone will like to hear? That the two grandparent political parties have ruled the country for many years now, so they should exit. While Liberal and Labor in Australia are not exiting for being too old. My people, is that a very sound reason or sober reason? If they are too old but they can perform better than you the new ones or young ones, can we still prevent them from existing in the country?

The answer is a big No. We cannot replace them just because you too want to come and have a go to the national cake to build mansions and driving the most latest expensive car models at the expense of the poor people. Therefore, my people, honesty speaking, changing the two political parties neither their names or by removing them from power without a change of mindset as Sierra Leoneans it means nothing. The reason being, the already polluted fellow Sierra Leoneans by bribery and corruption for the past years in the country are the same disgruntled politicians that trying to glue themselves together to come and ruin the country again. In view of that any form of grand coalition needs new breed Sierra Leoneans. But not those who have looted the country’s national cake in different ways for their personal benefit with their family at the detriment of the nation. You cannot eat your cake and have it, no way.

As such, what really these old “gron pick aratas” have to tell the people of Sierra Leone? Are they going to talk about bribery and corruption in the country that they were part and parcel of in many different ways in the country, including their former government offices and in their private sectors? In fact can someone tell me or the nation how many “BORN AGAIN” Sierra Leoneans in the midst of the proposed so-called grand coalition? That is to say those who have never support or served the two senior political parties, APC and SLPP in diverse ways in the country.

Fellow Sierra Leoneans, I will continue to tell you that what the country is urgently in need of is a change of mindset to mindfulness for its peace and progress. A change of attitudes and behaviours MUST including bad heart, hatred, jealousy, tribalism, regionalism sentiments, the paddling of untrue stories, grave lootings, hypocrite and the use of witch guns against compatriots, backstabbing and false or fake prophecy for political goal. Those satanic things must STOP. If the country is to continue its development strives.

But changing APC government or SLPP without a change of mindset will not make any sense to any good thinking Sierra Leonean as I continue to state that. Just listen to one of the most outrageous lie, lie audio clip that is making the rounds in the social media about the current ugly situation, floods in the country. Telling the already traumatised and depressed masses that there are two people that pledged the country somewhere. They are president koroma and Hon Minkailu Bah, the Minister of Mines the time they wanted the political power. According to the satanic deceitful Sierra Leonean element in the clip, it is because president korma and Minister Minkailu Bai failed to honour their promise or return what they borrowed when they had the power that is why the country is always in serious problems.

Can you imagine how some Sierra Leoneans are so dangerous!! They are complete evil elements in and out of the country.  Every bit of thing in the country, unpatriotic and unnationalistic so-called Sierra Leoneans are ready to politicise it at the expense of the poor suffering nation to score cheap political goal.

Now tell me, why we should not face such terrible disasters in the country because of such ungodly satanic evil attitudes and behaviours against our innocent fellow Sierra Leoneans? Others are day in and day out they are invoking evil things against the country. Now, according to my radar, SLPPers are preparing to create chaos for 2018 elections in the country.

Now, tell me if it is true why the country should not face such calamities? Many Sierra Leoneans have no good wishes for the country, especially because of self-centred political ambition, tribalism and regional sentiments. They always have devilish plans and thinking against the nation. How can we move forward with such attitudes and behaviours?

In view of that, our current problems in the country are lack of patriotism and nationalism. Lack of love and respect for one another. It is not a matter of change of political party colours. The reason being, it is the same corrupt, hatred, tribalism, regionalism sentiments, grave looters and witch gun user Sierra Leoneans that are putting on those party colours. Therefore, nothing new because there is no new breed or born again Sierra Leonean politicians. We ONLY have polluted bribery, corrupt and witch gun killer Sierra Leoneans.

As I continue to say it, the same old corrupt elements in the country and failed politicians that are trying to gang up in other to come and rip off the country’s riches. Some of them they were being kicked out from their political parties while others saw the line in their former political parties to be too long for them to achieve their unpatriotic and unnationalistic dream.

Therefore, they slipped off from the wheel of their political parties for a quick short cut. Thinking that Sierra Leoneans are still sleeping in their wings. And even if they do, we are going to wake them up. Because NO amount of forming hundreds of political parties or movements in and out of the country will solve the chronic problems of the country without changing our negative attitudes and behaviours towards the nation’s development.

The reason is that, if only we are to call things according to their real names as honest and patriotic Sierra Leoneans, bribery and corruption issues in the country are NOT only  matters of APC and SLPP. These are chronic issues that cut across the length and breathe of the entire nation for the past years.

So let NO disgruntled cabal politicians trying to brain wash our people, especially the poor masses in the country by talking about bribery and corruption against APC for which they are/were part of. Therefore, forming new political parties or movements is not the answer to the country’s current problems. The issue is, Sierra Leoneans MUST change their mindset for the progress and development of the nation.




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