By Tony Bee, Sydney, Australia

As long as patriotic peace and development oriented Sierra Leoneans are always concerned about the security and stability of the country’s hard earned peace and democracy. So they will always also like to see the government to be more proactive in putting the enemies of peace and development at bay or behind bars. Regardless of individual’s title or big name in the country. The fact is, the days of grabbing political power by violence means or by war are gone with Foday Sankoh RUF and also with his Libyan Green Book Lieutenants and Johnny Paul Koroma of AFRC.

Therefore,  if the allegation that was levied against the young promising politician, the Leader of the opposition  party ADP, Mohamded Kamarainba  Manasaray  who was charged to court for allegedly carrying unlicensed gun was  true, well, he is facing a political baptism in the country for breaking the state law. Again, if it is really true, then, it is not a matter of political witch hunt or political intimidation. It is a matter of keeping the laws of the nation at work.



And it is not also a way of silencing him as he, Kamarainba and others may tend to brain wash the gullible masses. No Sierra Leonean is above the laws of the land. If his current arrest and detention for the alleged state crime is really true, it is a warning shot for those who always think and feel that they are above the laws of the country. Therefore, they can do anything they like to do and go free. Now, NO WAY for such devil-incarnation so-called Sierra Leoneans. We need peace and development in the country. Without peace no progress and development will take place.

However, I do not really want to talk about his issue much because the case is in the hands of the law. But nonetheless, I will use my radar to focus on which angle I should take so that I will not tread on a dangerous ground. But what I will like to say is that getting political power is not by force. Neither by exchange. NO Sierra Leonean or political party will get political power in the country by exchange. Neither by the use of gun or by inciting violence no way. The reason being, Sierra Leoneans are quite awake now.

Therefore, they, the people of Sierra Leone are no longer fools. No power hungry lie, lie politicians will fool them again. By telling them that he or she will give the youths 100% job opportunities if he becomes president of the country. If we win the elections, we will provide 3000 jobs for our youths. Please YOU, youth-man do not put your trust to this type of politicians in the country. If you do, they will use you like tools of stupidity because of your uselessness. The reason being, no country of the world or president that is able to solve unemployment problem in his or her country. Even in the western world, including Australia there are lots of unemployed issues. Therefore, unemployment can only be reduced but it will not finish. The time when unemployment will end, which means new technology development is over.

Technology has taken over the jobs of the world. Initially a job that five to 10 people used to do now the machine will do it faster than the five to 10 men. For instance the use of computers has made the work of many office secretaries becomes redundant. The use of electronic or internet banking as rendered the jobs of many bankers, especially the bank clerks useless. Because they are no longer needed. Now even our university exams multiple choice questions are no longer drown or type on papers. We do them on the internet students’ portal, you just click the one you think is correct and when you finish it will automatically give you your grade for that subject by just clicking the grade button. So if you pass or fail, you will know without delay. Some business men and women do not employ secretaries because they have their lap tops in their cars and houses to do their jobs.

Now almost everybody is a photographer by the use of mobile phones and everyone now is also a news dissemination or journalist by the way or news carrier through the use of WhatsApp. Modernised farming has reduced the work of farm labours, container scanner has reduced the job of labourers etc. so tell me why unemployment will finish in this world, before I will talk about Sierra Leone. So my brothers and sisters please let no power hungry politician making fool of you by telling you that he or she will come and end unemployment problem in the country if he or she will become president. Please do not hesitate to tell such politician that he or she is lying because of some of the facts mentioned above.

Please do not get me wrong, I am not trying to defend the APC government. I am just trying to justify the causes of unemployment rate in the world, especially in Sierra Leone. The reason being, I do believe that those are hard facts that are very hard to deny by any honest and wise Sierra Leonean. So I don’t  want you to allow fake poor politicians to make fool of  you, by telling you  that they will give all of you jobs when they win the elections or when he or she becomes a president of Sierra Leone.

So those politicians who want to use unemployment problem in the country as a campaign tool or strategy it will not work for you. To those who may want to use gun, violence or war as a strategy to win votes or elections it will not work this time. To those who think power is by exchange they are complete dreamers. “U nor wok but u wan mek den gie u power. U nor wok but u wan eat nor way”. The people will only give power to anybody or political party in the country by his or her very good hard work and also with a very good record in and out of the country. But not to those with tainted records.

And not also by tribe or by region. If you want political power in the country you have to work for it very hard. Therefore, “if anybody tell u say power nar by exchange e-dae lie pa u ya”. APC dae rule the country for two term only and den gie to SLPP for other two term rule”.  After which they will hand over to the APC back to rule. It is a complete dam lie. There is nothing like that in the history of the world. Where political power has being exchanged from one political party to another without working hard for that before I will say in Sierra Leone. National political power is not like a musical soft table.

However, as I said before about the indiscipline and lawlessness of some of the so-called big men in the country. Some few months ago, I wrote an article on how many Sierra Leoneans, especially those with big, big titles, how they are too indiscipline and too lawless in the country by using their unpatriotic crook titles, including minister, political party leader, mp, director, manager, permanent secretary,  journalist, lawyer, paramount chief, teacher/professor, doctor, nurse titles etc . How some of them are completely misusing such big titles at the expense of the poor nation

.They that should have being very good pacesetters for the common man and woman in the country. But unfortunately they normally use such titles to break the laws of the land. The fact is they always think and feel that because of their big titles they are above or taller than the laws of the state. As a result if you do not hear or read about a minister, manager or a director has embezzled some government funds or project money, you will hear or read about police corruption or a political party leader carrying a gun without a license for it.

while if individual is a political party leader, I think by all good virtues he or she should be a golden example for his or her followers, especially by being a law abiding and well-disciplined person. But if you as a leader of a particular political party or group leader you are lawless and indiscipline, what will you expect your followers to be like? They will easily become vandals and barbarians in the country. When the law says no one should carry a gun along or weapon without licensing it, they will definitely become defiance because their boss his or her is carrying a gun or weapon without license.

In view of such unpatriotic behaviour and according to how the world is so full today with ungodly people, NO chance taking, in terms of the country’s peace and security. We need everlasting peace in the country so that development will continue to take place. You cannot campaign with guns or weapons in the country no way.  You cannot also use violence or war to gain political power in the country. The fact is the people are fed-up with the unpatriotic attitudes and behaviours of some Sierra Leonean power hungry and thirsty wicked politicians in the country

Therefore, my brothers and Sisters Sierra Leoneans both home and abroad, especially the patriotic peace, progress  and development loving Sierra Leoneans let us don’t relent in exposing our fellow evil Sierra Leoneans that bent on trying to destroy the hard earned peace and democracy that our poor people are currently enjoying in the country. Just because of their selfish and greedy political ambitions.

In view of that this is the time to raise our voices very loud and clear before it is too late. We should not sit by and wait until when something happens before we shout. NO, now is the time to shout. The reason being, AK47 bullets and the Kamajors bullets do not know who is an APC supporter, SLPP supporter or who is a journalist. As such it will kill every individual. Even if you put on RED, GREEN, Yellow etc. they will kill you if they meet you. In view of that please let us continue to SENSITISE our poor people not to encourage any violence or warmonger politicians in their midst.







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