President Ernest Koroma’s very rich legacy of socio- economic and political achievements will be promoted and preserved in Sierra Leone and the outside world through an organization that will be known by the name above.

Often, when a leader has completed his term of office, instead of people being grateful for all he has done and showing appreciation for it, they turn around and forget it and blame the retired President for all that is wrong in the nation. It is happening right now in Nigeria. It is about to happen in Liberia. But be assured, it will not happen in Sierra Leone, by the grace of God. The rich and remarkable legacy of President Koroma will be promoted and celebrated in Sierra Leone, even after he is gone.



I know that no human being has ever satisfied all other human beings all the time. You can satisfy the people some of the time . You can even satisfy most of the people most of the time, but no human being can satisfy all the people all of the time. So we do not expect everybody at any time to appreciate everything that the President has done for the nation. There will always be people who will not appreciate what we do..

Our goal is not to force those who have made up their minds not to appreciate to see the good side of our President. Man will always show lack of appreciation, regardless of what we do. OUR GOAL WILL BE TO SET THE FACTS RIGHT AND HELP PRESERVE GOOD AND FACTUAL HISTORY . Our goal will be to stop the Umaru Fofanas from distorting history when the President would have finished his term . Our goal will be to preserve the truth.

Our goal will also be to motivate incoming Presidents that if they too do well, their good deeds will always be kept fresh in the minds of the people. We want to get rid of the habit of singing ” Alleluia” when a President is in power and then singing “Crucify Him ” when he is no longer in power. We will start it with President Koroma.

If you are with me, join the forum I have just set up at Facebook and start helping us to begin preserving the legacy of this President who is the most achievement- studded President we have had since Independence. Post old photos and old articles and speeches by him. Go back to the archives of online newspapers and begin reposting articles on the launching and commissioning of development projects by the President. Post anything that will help to keep his achievements fresh in our minds.

Yes, our President is not perfect. No human leader has ever been perfect but what we know is that when it comes to the things that matter to any good citizen – national development- it will take another President of his kind to surpass his achievements.

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