Is Donald Trump another SLPP ‘Paopa’ in America ?

 By Tony Bee, Sydney, Australia


A man call Donald Trump in America is currently making the rounds of a bad history in the books of Americans history. Trump is behaving like one of our oldest political parties, which is the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) in Sierra Leone, known as the Pa-O-Pa in the country, (by all costs) they should have political power. Even if the people rejected them in the pulls. If not they would not accept the elections in 2012. When I am talking about Pa-O-Pa, I do not mean a particular faction within the SLPP that full with cracks like an old building that will surly going to lead them into the wildness (Not Gola Forest bush shaking) for another ten (10) or more years come 2018. Where again they would start to behave like Donald Trump.


In view of that, looking and watching with keen analyses, one would really see some resemblance of Donald Trump way of behaviour and that of the SLPP in Sierra Leone. Going back briefly to the country’s history, especially during the 1996 general elections, when SLPP lost to UNPP – the Lamp, they threaten that if they failed to win the elections, the war would not end, especially during the controversial second round voting process.


By then the poor patriotic and nationalistic peace loving Sierra Leoneans who were mostly the suffers of such evil self-destructive war, they decided to talk to the then late leader of the UNPP, Dr Kerefa Smart to please allow the war to end by allowing SLPP take the mantle of the country’s leadership. The SLPP ruled the country for complete 11 years, instead of the constitution’s 10 years mandate.  Without no too much of noise making about that in the country. No one threaten them with violence or war, no one inciting or instigating violence against them in the country and no rudeness was performed against them like how they are currently expatiating their rudeness against APC.


The so-called elite political party is full with uncivilised attitudes and behaviour against the country and their fellow citizens. With the exception of few good and patriotic decent people within the SLPP. But many of them are -full with mame coss (insults or vulgar languages) against the civilised and patriotic hard working fellow Sierra Leoneans. Therefore, one will really wondering for the type or kind of civilisation that they are boasting of.


Bookman with mame coss, nar bookman behaviour that, or nar bookman civilisation? (The use of vulgar languages by so-called educated men and women against others is that what they called civilisation)? Donald Trump “coss , coss” like SLPP at the same time he is  boasting of  being a millionaire. Is that the attitudes and behaviour of a civilised millionaire?


Coming back to 2012, Sierra Leone presidential and parliamentary elections the Sierra Leone People’s Problems aka mame coss in the country brought in Maada Bio and planted him in their party because he is their own son. According to them, Bio his brutal so he was the only person that could stand against APC.  With the intention that if they failed to win the elections, Bio would take us back to Foday Sankoh and his Libyan Green Book alliance men and women era because APC was a brutal part according to them. Therefore, they (APC) should not rule them. Can you imagine how vicious SLPP is?


Knowing their weaknesses, they found out that there was no way they could win the general elections through the ballots box, they started accusing APC of trying to rig the elections. They also threaten that they would not accept the elections results if they did not win. Just like how Donald Trump of America is currently misbehaviour in front of the whole world insulting his opponent calling her “puppet and nasty woman”.


Can you imagine? A man fighting to become head of state. Just like how SLPP is currently insulting President Ernest Bai Koroma and at the same time they are fighting to lead the nation. Do civilised and peaceful Sierra Leoneans need uncultured and arrogant leader in the country? The answer is a BIG NO. Do Americans need a ruthless and uncivilised, impolite leader like Donald Trump? Let us wait and see.


If Sierra Leoneans will say a big NO to arrogant and ruthless SLPP violence political party, I see no good reason why should Americans allow Trump to become President of America if only good leadership is based on good moral and good character. The big question is if Americans allow Donald Trump to become president of America, what kind of good moral ethics will he bring to the people of America and to the international community?


Donald Trump knowing his weaknesses like SLPP in Sierra Leone that will make him not to win the elections, starts to threaten that he would not accept the elections result if he does not win.  “I will not accept the elections if I lose, I will only accept the elections’ result if I see it first,” he said. Just like how SLPP accusing the ruling APC of manipulating the elections in their favour because they knew that they would not stand  before  the APC 4,4,4 electronic train in a free and fair election in the country like Trump of America.


Trump bragging of first seen the elections result before he would accept defeat, is like a gentleman that impregnated someone’s daughter. When the parents asked the gentleman if he was the one who impregnated their daughter, he replied, “Unless I see the child first before I will answer.” That is till the girl gives birth and he have a look at the baby, if he looks like him or resemble him he would then accept the child. The question is, will the parents allow that to be? Will Americans allow Donald Trump to first see the elections result before he will accept defeat? It’s another world history if that is the case, especially if Trump is to kill the father of democracy in America.


However, when I was in Africa, particularly in Sierra Leone honestly speaking I was having different perception about Africans attitudes, behaviours and those  of Americans, Europeans and Asians because of culture, skin colour and up bringing differences. Not knowing that in many cases the only thing that makes us different from the people mentioned above is the colour of our skin – black. But in terms of culture, arrogant attitudes, behaviour, hungry and thirsty for political power, gossiping, backbiting, blackmailing, corruption and bribery systems are almost the same with those of Africans attitudes and behaviour. A case in point Liberal and Labor political parties leaderships scrambled in Australia. I came to know this more when I found myself in a country call Australia. Particularly when I starts mingling with these people in many diverse ways, including working together, attending their universities together, eating together and drinking coffee together.


Hi, please wait a bit. Don’t try to misquote me. I am not saying that because some Americans, Europeans and Asians are corrupt so you too should be corrupt. I am not saying that because some Americans, Europeans and Asians are arrogant therefore, you should also be arrogant. I am not saying that because white men, as we normally blend all brown skins and people with white skins as white men or women because they are gossiping, backbiting, blackmailing and jealousy, you too should also behave like them. I am not saying that because some Americans, Europeans and Asians are too hungry and thirsty for political power, you too should also become a rebel in order for you to have power by all costs (Pa-O-Pa). Because sometimes their own corrupt attitudes, behaviour, jealousy, gossip, hatred, blackmailing and backbiting, is quite different from those of Africans self-destruction way of life.




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