Is President Bio politicizing the Free Education program ?


What is supposed to be a national project and owned by the people of Sierra Leone, owing to the fact that resources used to fund such an initiative came from state reserved and contributions from donor partners, has been hijacked by politicians on the pretext of legacy.

According to some Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad who contacted this writer in a bid to register their disenchantment over the idea of the project designers and printers to use the photo of the current president of the Republic of Sierra Leone, His Excellency, Julius Maada Bio, on the cover of the books meant for the much trumpeted “free education” project, it disingenuous and unpatriotic to say the least, adding that photos of the beneficiaries (children) and the country’s flag would have been much better and appropriate, instead of the photo of President Bio, who is not the sole financier of the aforementioned schooling project under review.

“I am not only dissatisfied with the way and manner in which the project designers of the proposed and much trumpeted free education initiative wants to politicise such a national project, am equally dismayed at the way the printer or printers of the books meant for the project misspelled the name of our president. It should be (Julius Maada Bio and Julius ‘Mada’ Bio)” says Mariama Kamara, a Sierra Leonean currently residing in the United Kingdom.

A premise upheld by Sulaiman S. Fornah, who vehemently opposed to the use of the President’s photo on the books cover, citing project hijack as a means of gaining public and political support at the expense of indegenous tax payers revenue and International donor partners magnanimity.

However, the aforementioned project is expected to start in September of 2018, for which category of of beneficiaries, are still unclear.

I rest my case.

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