Thursday March 9, 2006

First_Name:  ISSA
Last_Name:  KOROMA
Address:  167 5TH ST. S. E
State:  CANADA
Zip_Code:  R1N 1H2
I have read articles from everyday news papers from home and abroad and always talk with people but its hard for me to belive if we are really fit to govern ourselfs in that country.In the first place we are still thinking of friendship,tribe,education,sectionalism, indevidual likeness and support to select one to head that country.Can the educated who are creating the whole problems call back the colonial masters if possible to give us {shape} so that we can start from there again like 1961?Uptill now we dont even know a leader to start with.We say,write all aspects of what we know but all the time there is no one to deliver what we want.

We cry for changes always but gets worst because we get we are not sure.We cried for war to change the situation which was the worst sierra leones ever did.At the begining we called it tribal war then people who wants to still then it became militery and rebel strength then went back to militery and kamajor war and finally ended as a joint militery rebel friendship.The worst was that all these fighters forgot the reasons for taking arms and started going out of the way to damage the ordinary people.There are thousands if not millions living abroad but what are we really doing,thinking of our country ratherthan just writing our openions?What about all sierra leoneans living abroad raise money select our heads,then we go with our honest ideas gained from overseas open a big comp. and provide good jobs for the rest of our brothers back home?

There is no govt. to come in the next 50 years to solve to employment affairs in that country.We are all just guessing heads for the country but not sure.CHARLSE,ERNEST,BEREWAH,PAUL,ZAINAB who can really justify that they will be be the best or worst?I suggest we think of the worst for each  so that we will be suprised when they do good.We have had so many heads of states but we only talk about one good one who is Milton but but who knows maybe we would have killed him if he stayed for long.We are seeing whats going on in the overseas country we are with just 5% curruption among the citizens but helping the govt. to reach the top.The police ,Army ,judges ordinary citizens have no brother,friends,father-inlaw ,mother-inlay etc when they think about justice.We talk true when we are far from the point but the moment we reach,things,ideas etc. authomaticcal changes to the worst.LETS CALL THE COLONIALS MASTERS IS MY SUGGESTION I GUESS.

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